Dyed Hair & Don't​ Care

We all like a bit of change in our life now and again, the question is what, and how…I always like something different , even if it is changing the living room around and adding a nice lamp, gathering a new outfit, getting all pampered and getting my nails done. (Which never lasts for long at all...) When traveling I got glued to various exciting things, food, life, exploring and how if you jump out of a plane, its true you only live once. One of which was my hair, I have been spending loads on hair products such as hair chalk, extensions just something to give me that little bit of uniqueness. (I say that but extensions are very today...) I am one of these people though that gets so paranoid, I hate cutting my hair and my unique blonde streaks is so hard to mess with... So this is why XXL LIVE COLOR is AMAZBALLS. Me and Mittons in Weybridge. This was 4 weeks after having it dyed. Rasberry Rebel. In Brisbane, Dying it was a bit of a mess in the hostel but wow that is amazing dark pink! 3 days after dying it! Well I found just the thing, by far the best creation ever, not to mention ive used it so much! Live colour by Schwarzkopf. I love the raspberry rebel, by far one of the best Punk Rock Princess looks. I have so many of them, lasting up to 8 washes as well. Carins Australia Weybridge with my girlies and an egg. Just dyed again. Had to jump outta the plane with it! Hello WORLD! LIVE Color XXL HD offers you a range of vibrant shades designed to let you show off your inner confidence and individual style (Which is so true). From the effortlessly wearable to the ultra bright, there’s a colour for everyone and every occasion – go vibrant and make your own style statement! And if you dont like it a few washes and its gone! I even have my own page on the site LIVE COLOR SITE, grab yours, from colours starting a dark blue to rainbow yellow. Feeling adventourous in your home town bring some colour to it, today pink tomorrow green! Check out my look book!

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