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Finding the right beautician is hard, someone you can rely on, you trust, they understand your skin, needs and overall a good laugh to make the treatment filled with exciting energy and moments. Well my sister and I have found ours! When in Dumfries and Galloway I am making it a THING to go to So Beau. Introducing Jade, a mobile makeup artist as well as beauty tips and tricks followed by some pampering. Jade is mobile, and quite flexible to suit your needs, but for those who wish to escape she has recently opened her own salon in her idyllic country house, in the beautiful countryside where you can go and forget about ‘the real world’! Jade offers a wide variety of services - catering for your needs. To name a few, Jade does nails, waxing, make up and beauty lessons (which i really need!) Wedding in November 2016. I first met Jade in October 2016 when my sister was getting married and we asked Jade to come and do trial make up. We told her what we had in mind, and the kind of make up we like. She listened to our needs, wasn’t in a rush and didn’t get offended if we wanted to change anything (you know when you have something done and you’re like ‘ah yeah that looks good!’ because you don’t want to hurt their feelings then you go away and cry your eyes out. Yeah with Jade you don’t have that! She makes you feel so comfortable. After the trial session we knew we’d be seeing Jade again, we booked her to do all the wedding make up. On the day my mother didn’t want her make up done (you know what they can be like!) but then asked Jade just to ‘do a bit of this, add a bit of that’. My mother doesn’t wear a lot of make up, the little touch ups Jade did to her face - you couldn’t even tell! How Jade managed to stay so calm, cool and collected on that wedding morning I have no idea! When my sister was getting married in November she was on a hunt for an amazing beautician, along came Jade. Since then we have not looked away! Super recommended. I took it more as a beauty sesh and therapy chat haha. One thing is she books up fast! So get booking! My first ever eyebrow wax! Jades beautiful beautician room viewing the hills. Lovely, bubbly and beauty. P.S. Her dog is AMAZING meet Beau!

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