Dressed To Impress: Style Tips For Formal Occasions

Wedding season is officially upon us, and the summer months also tend to throw up birthday parties, garden gatherings, and family celebrations. If you’ve been invited to a formal occasion, and you’re fretting about what to wear, here are some style tips to ensure you look the part. Check the dress code If you’re attending a wedding or a landmark birthday celebration, check the invitation before you start shopping for an outfit. Many couples specify a dress code for their big day, and some party hosts will also opt for a theme. If there are instructions, for example, black tie, make sure you follow them. If the advice is more open to interpretation, you can be a little more creative. It’s always a good idea to bear the theme and the venue in mind when figuring out what kind of look would work best. If you’re going to an outdoor wedding with a festival vibe, for example, you can choose a more laid-back look than one suited to a formal celebration at a castle or a 5-star hotel. Try different styles When you’re shopping for a formal outfit, be open-minded. Many of us think we know exactly what suits us, and this can be limiting. All too often, we write pieces off because they’re not really our style or we assume that they won’t suit or flatter us. While it’s useful to have an idea in mind, it’s also beneficial to be bold and brave when trawling the rails or virtual aisles. Try different styles for size, and see how you feel once you’ve got an outfit on. You may be surprised. Be original Fashion is an art, and getting dressed up offers an opportunity to celebrate your style and personality. If you’re attending an event this summer, don’t be afraid to be original. If you like to put your own spin on an outfit, you can add a subtle touch of individuality even if there is a dress code. If the instructions are smart dress, for example, look for edgy dresses, opt for a tailored suit or a fitted jumpsuit or add accessories to lift an understated, classic ensemble. If you don’t feel comfortable in floral dresses or satin ball gowns, there are ways of fitting in with a style guide and complimenting your own taste at the same time. Comfort When you go to a wedding or a party, you want to feel comfortable and confident. You want to look fabulous, but practicality is also key. You don’t want to be pulling at the hem or the neckline all day or worrying about how your feet are going to survive ten minutes into the ceremony. Put an outfit together that ticks all the boxes. Make sure you take a coat or a shawl or jacket if it’s chilly outside and consider swapping heels for flats later in the day to ensure you’re able to dance until the bitter end. Are you looking forward to a special occasion? Are you wondering what on earth to wear to a wedding or how to impress fellow guests at a birthday party? If you’re on the hunt for an outfit, hopefully, these tips will come in handy.

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