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It's again this year with falling snowflakes, shopping, hot cups of coco and a cosy warm fireplace with sizzling blacks of coal. However, a closer look will reveal interesting insights into the latest winter fashion with Femme Luxe Fashion. Winter colours this year True to the season, soft white shades of snow appear to be a good choice for clothes which fuse with the theme of Winter. The black and different shades of bright black are a popular sharp contrast; while sluggish and muted greys give the season a warm and fluffy tone of a rich red to the mother maroon and strong berry red. For women, the tendency is to be shaped by earthy colours from deep shades of olives, maroons, browns, deep blues to chocolate browns, reds and even partners. Femme Luxe has some awesome fashion finds for your winter closet. For your cosy winter nights in with your girlfriends, the Nude 'Modern Day Antics' Slogan Print Joggers are super snug. These print joggers are a must-have, girl, with a luxurious slogan 'Modern Day Shenanigans,' high-tails style and a cuffed leg. Stand out for this off-duty cutie look and squad with a crop top and your favourite heels. When it comes to a night out during winter seasons why not try the Black zip up ribbed skirt. You will be fascinated with this coordinate, girl with a ribbed pattern with a zip-top and a matching high tinge-tone mini skirt. With the christmas winter parties why not slip into a sexier in this year's Brown Leopard Print Satin Ruched Side Slip Dress and score some major fashion points. Team with some killer heels and a mini bag to complete this look of the flames. Hair It can be a daunting task to choose the right style to follow with mode and season. You don't want to be seen last year and certainly not what is not currently the hottest rage. If you're trying to find the hairstyle that's what fashion models and fashion designers are selecting the year; it's time to let you go on that little secret, apparently the favourite trend this season appears to be women with their hair in the all-classic "Bob Cut." But i you like your long hair like i do, just the curvy waves to share the winter flare. Coats This season's coats have a good, thick look like sleeves and funnelled necklaces. This look is nice. Fish with broadly placed collars and rich furry texture were also included in the patterns. Jewellery Jewellery designs that highlight the winter season are wonderful to add to the silver snowflake pendants and big broaches such as the bunches of holly. Small silver bracelets and light but large earrings add to the effect. Therefore, make sure you watch these beautiful trends that will storm the country. And honestly, to make a statement you don't have to wear expensive designers. Some of these new designs will even be stored by your local shops. In this winter you will enjoy the trendy fashions and paint the city red! Visit Femme luxe and start gathering your perfect cosy winter wardrobe.

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