Crazy Unknown Facts About Princess Diana

Growing up I always admired Diana, her clothing, her beauty and charity. On the 31st of August marked the 20th anniversary of her death... Bringing the world to tears once again with the past of the horrible crash in Paris which took her life. Here are a few facts you might have not known about the princess of Wales. She failed her O levels twice and often joked about her poor academic record Charles dated one of Diana's older sisters before he dated Diana. Her wedding to Prince Charles on July 29, 1981 was broadcast in 74 countries and watched by 750 million people worldwide. Her funeral 16 years later had 2.5 billion viewers. Diana won an award at school for taking good care of her guinea pig. At the time of her engagement, Diana was working in a playgroup as an assistant. Diana once invited the supermodel Cindy Crawford to Buckingham Palace for dinner when a young Prince William had a secret crush on the model. She had also an infant brother, John, died shortly after his birth in 1960. She took a series of low-paying jobs; she worked as a dance instructor for youth until a skiing accident caused her to miss three months of work. On 31 August 1997, Diana was fatally injured in a car crash in the Pont de l’Alma road tunnel in Paris, which also caused the deaths of her companion Dodi Fayed and the driver, Henri Paul, acting security manager of the Hôtel Ritz Paris. The initial French judicial investigation concluded the accident was caused by Paul’s drunken loss of control. Diana met several times with Mother Teresa, including in the Bronx, New York, in June of 1997. Ironically, Mother Teresa's death on September 6, 1997, was practically eclipsed by news surrounding Diana's funeral. Diana was buried with a set of rosary beads given to her by Mother Teresa. Her divorce settlement included a lump sum of $22.5 million and an annual income of $600,000 per year to continue funding her office. After Diana fell down a staircase at Sandringham in January 1982, 12 weeks into her first pregnancy, the royal gynaecologist Sir George Pinker was summoned from London. He found that although she had suffered severe bruising, the foetus was uninjured. Her autobiography details mental health issues including eating disorders and suicide attempts. Diana received a lump sum settlement of £17 million as well as £400,000 per year. The couple signed a confidentiality agreement that prohibited them from discussing the details of the divorce or of their married life. RESORSES

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