Count Down Free Things to Do in Edinburgh

It’s horrible being broke all the time, which is me almost all of the time, the good thing about living in a city is that there is never any need for loads of dosh, If you want the top shops and expensive lavish restaurants and bars, then yes, you need lots of money, but a bit of cash and creativity can go a long way, just by taking a look around you! Here are a few fun countdowns of cheap fun finds in Edinburgh City. 10. Arthur’s Seat Arthur's Seat Map - You can also pick these up along the Royal Mile and i touristic locations. If you live in Edinburgh, then you have all heard of this (No, I have not yet been to the top), but I have been half way and seen the little lake and swans. It’s fantastic on a hot sunny day, bring some friends, food and a beer (or just drink)and do some mental fun selfies at the top. The view is unreal (from what I’ve heard) also you feel rather good in yourself! Not exactly Kilimanjaro but it sure as hell feels like that! 9. Water of Leith Walkway This fairy tale urban wildlife site has woods and wildflowers, herons, kingfishers and roe deer with many squirrels. A lovely under the city walk with the stream and silent cobbled roads. A must-try-sometime when you want a small city break. 8. Do almost anything at Summer Hall Summer Hall always has things going on, from business events and start up meetings to art exhibitions, theatre performances, gigs, clubs, films, talks, workshops – there’s very little you can’t do at Summer Hall, It even has its own microbrewery – the tasty and refreshing Barney’s Beer – Never a dull moment and always something to do, be sure to check the site for current updates and fun workshops. 7. Explore the calm of the city at the Meadows Basically, a small version of London’s Hyde Park. On a nice day, grab some friends, drinks and a BBQ and head to the meadows with a ball and a dog if you have one. Such a great atmosphere, with loads of opportunities to meet people and it can bring the child out in you. You plan spending an hour or 2 and before you know it the suns going down and the air is getting chilly. 6. Surgeons Museum This you need to pay for this and it is only open now and again mainly throughout the festival, so check the opening times and deals online, the last weekend of every month it’s FREE! Great place to go if you love the body, a bit of gore, how your brain functions and what they did in the olden days! There are foetuses in jars... 5. The biggest bargain in Edinburgh Lothain Busses The buses in Edinburgh are amazing, clean, and safe and at your service all the time. You can get a day ticket and hop on and off any Lothian bus for the price of £3:50. One time me and my boyfriend just got a ticket and had no clue where the bus was going, but we wanted to see where we would end up. We ended up in North Berwick, which is a lovely little village, along the coast and we spent the day there! You see, you just never know where your day will take you! Got all day and no commitments, just pop along Princes Street and the first bus that comes, jump on! (Then tell me where you ended up!) 4. Grassmarket and Castle Terrace markets On Saturday and Sunday, there are the fantastic markets which are held at the Grassmarket and Castle Terrace, open 9-1 you get a great variety of foods, veg, Caribbean treats and much more. Great atmosphere and I always leave with strawberries and a loaf of bread and my boyfriend always goes for the roast pork and apple sauce in a roll! Feel so grown up! 3. Stockbridge Only a ten-minute walk from Princes Street, Stockbridge is a lovely suburban like town, shops, galleries, cafés, bars and restaurants, I love spending my sundays there during the summer, such a different out of the city atmosphere as well as great little walks and treats, great for charity shopping too, Then settle in for a drink and a meal, or shop and eat your way round the Sunday market (  I do love this place it feels like you are so out of Edinburgh, but in fact you aren’t. Scotland has that fantastic effect, how everything changes around you all the time – perhaps it’s because of the weather! 2. Greyfriars Bobby Almost everyone knows the story of Bobby, the faithful little dog who remained by his master’s grave for 14 years. His statue is at the top of Candlemaker’s Row, opposite the gates of Greyfriars monument, the first reformed church in Scotland lies the spooky graveyard. Free entry and a chance to go round the spooky haunted graveyard. They also have a special pub dedicated to the dog where his statue stands. From fish and chips to a nice cold brew. 1. Zomato App for food and drinks To top off the best things and free in Edinburgh comes down to Zomato, download this amazing foodie app, telling you where you are, what’s good, cheap, exciting and in your price range. From expensive upper class tries to cute independent underground pubs. Instead of walking from place to place or seeing what’s around the corner, check it out for constant new updates and your own personal food journey! I am always excited to see which hidden gems there are, as well as who is following me with my true food journey to tasty cuisines. What makes this even better, is this is brought around with you through all the top 10s!

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