Cook Up A Storm With These Tips From Professional Chefs

Cooking seems to be one of those skills that you either have or don’t have. For some people, even doing something as simple as boiling an egg can prove to be a difficult challenge. If that sounds like the uphill battle that you have when trying to cook for yourself, you might have given up on ever being a good cook altogether. Don’t be so fast, though. I’m sure that there are a few tips and tricks you could use in the kitchen that could actually turn you into a culinary whizz. Before too long, you’ll be hosting impressive dinner parties that really impress your friends! When it comes to finding great tips you can use in the kitchen, the best place to turn to is help and advice from the world’s top chefs. Unfortunately, you might not be able to contact them directly, but I’m sure you’ll be able to find some of their best advice for novice cooks if you take a look online. Here are a few of the easiest tips that most top chefs have to offer us. Don’t Be Scared Of Using Salt First of all, it’s always important to season as you cook. That just means sprinkling in some salt and pepper. Adding these key seasoning ingredients can help you bring out the flavours of all the ingredients in the dish, which will certainly help your meal to pop. However, some people don’t season their cooking too much because they think that adding too much salt is unhealthy. It’s true that eating a lot of salt can be bad for you, but you don’t have to worry about how much you add when you season, as these will still be safe levels. One thing to remember is that it is important to keep on tasting as you go so that you don’t accidentally overseason. Always Deglaze When Cooking Meat Whenever you fry meat, it’s always best to use stainless steel frying pans. You’ll be able to buy these as part of the best stainless steel cookware sets for your kitchen. One of the benefits of using these kinds of pans is that some of the meat will stick to the bottom while you fry it. Once you’ve seared the meat, take it out and add a glass of wine or some stock. Cook the liquid on a high heat while scraping off the stuck-on meat from the bottom of the pan. This will help you make a very tasty sauce that matches your cooked meat perfectly! Let Meat Rest Before Cutting Once you have cooked a piece of meat, no matter whether it’s been fried or roasted, you should always leave it to rest for a while before you slice it up to serve it. Ideally, it needs to be left for between five and ten minutes. This will seal in all of the juices so that you don’t have to worry about them seeping out when you cut into it. As a result, the meat will be a whole lot juicier and flavourful. Know Which Oil To Cook With Some people can be quite boring with the oils that they cook with. They tend to stick to sunflower or vegetable oil for frying, and olive oil for dipping and drizzling over salads. However, there are so many more great oils out there that can add a lot of vibrant flavour to your cooking. When choosing an oil, though, make sure you go for one that can be used at the heat you will be cooking at. For instance, it’s not always a good idea to fry with butter as it will burn at a low heat. If you do want to cook at a high heat, be sure to use an oil like avocado, grapeseed or canola, as these can be used at any heat level. Freeze Your Herbs Do you always buy a large bunch of herbs for one recipe and then end up throwing out the leftover ones a few days later because they are starting to wilt? There is one way around this - you just need to chop up all the herbs and freeze them. That way, you can continue to cook with them long after you have bought them. Simply take a handful of frozen chopped herbs out of the freezer and sprinkle them into your cooking. As you can see, there are lots of tips that you can use to help you improve your cooking skills. You’ve got pro chefs to thank for these ones!

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