Cheap Flights Sites to Keep in Mind!

Although the summer is over, we all love a get-away bargin, the problem is prices are crazy high, even these special sites which have you looking around the best deals, Its great to just look look look but lets be honest, who has the time?! A few tips for the future. When looking for a flight and having a rumage through your search, be sure to keep your cookies and history cleaned, technology is so smart and keeps track of where you are wanting to go and when, so it will bring the prices higher and higher through time! So make sure to delete any old cookies! I travel alot around Europe, so these flights are mainly Europe and small quick get away flights. 1. Easyjet 2. Ryan Air 3.Jet 2 4. Flybe Two to look out for, as some seasons they tend to rapidly drop prices and can be cheaper then the ones listed above! 1. British Airways 2. KLM If you really want a group serach these are the best sites to have in mind. 1. Skyscanner 2. Cheap flights 3. Last minitue 4. Opodo 5. expedia Most of these have already been heard, but I have placed them in order of what has worked out best for many travelers I know as well. The bigger airports are better with more flights and cheaper deals, but remember delete those cookies and keep refreshing things can change in a simple second! Safe FLIGHT!

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