Celebs You Never Guesses Did Ads...

We look up and admire these big named celebs, but they didn't get there sitting on their behind! Here are a few celebs who had to start from the bottom and work up! Drew Barrymore - Cookie Dough Commercial cira 1979 Steve Carell-Brown's Chicken Brad Pitt - Pringles Commercial Ben Affleck - Burger King Commercial Matt Le Blanc - Heinz Ketchup Commercial Naomi Watts - Tampax Joseph Gordon-Levitt-Pop Tarts Paul Rudd-Super Nintendo Sarah Michelle Gellar - Burger King Commercial Leighton Meester -Clearasil Christian Bale - For Pac-Man Cereal Kristen Stewart - Porsche Advert Ashley Benson -2002 Salon Surprise Barbie Commercial Late 80's Bubble Yum Commercial with Leonardo DiCaprio Kellogg's commercial with Keanu Reeves (1987) Tobey Maguire-Atari Lindsay Lohan – Jello Do you have any other good celeb childhood ads? What is your favourite?

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