Building The Bucket Lists

So everyone has a bucket list. Something they want to achieve or do, I know i've had loads, from wanting to skydive, go traveling, stroke a live cheetah, meet mother Teresa, the list is endless. Although I have ticketed those off, I still have a fair bit more that I want to do, it's not all money, its passion, belief and inspiration that will tick them off. My current list to do still includes. Don't care about funds and go all out at McDonald's, talking 20 big macs you name it. Be above the titanic. Kiss Leonardo DiCaprio. (On the cheek) Or just even hang out. Swim with Dolphins Visit the Amazon Create my own event Raise £500 for my favorite charity. Do a RV road trip through the US. Now that's just a few I mean my list is endless, but here are some awesome things you may want to consider to add to your list just like mine.

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