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Recently during ‘The Creative Events’ event, I came across something exciting. It was an electronic muscle stimulation device, which claimed that it only takes 20 minutes to do an exercise which could help in muscle building. You can use it instead of doing 3 to 4 hours of workout to reduce the hours. In Bodystreet exercise, normal exercise is combined with an electrical pulse. For these electrical pulses to flow they connect them with a black vest. In such a workout, bioelectrical pulses are responsible for workout amplification. All muscles are given extra stimulation deeply, and it is completely safe. This concept is not new. It has been used in the sports medicine field for many years. But this is the first time something like this is publicly available. With time this technology is bound to get widely popular. It claims to produce the same results in just 20 minutes as you will get in an hour of gym. This workout is done under a personal trainer. The process starts with wearing an EMS bodysuit for flowing current in different parts of your body. These currents flow deep down in your muscles. This training comes with many benefits. For example, muscle growth, improved muscle strength, increased blood circulation, improvement in the quality of sleep, reducing muscle problems, etc. The Bodystreets’s aim is to improve the quality of people’s lives. They want people to stop wasting their time in physical training and instead live more. The more one person will waste its time on unnecessary training the more he will not be able to do other important and fun things in his life. Many people do not work out because of lack of time or lack of motivation. To resolve this issue Bodystreet has EMS method. There will be professional body analysis, professional body advisor and professional diet chart along with this service. Below are my results! I must be doing something right! Bodystreet does a full analysis of your body from blood pressure to waist-hip ratio. They will provide you with nutrition tools too. They will reach deep down in your body and will find the cause of your every problem. For example why you are gaining weight and what food and exercise are best for you. Here is the address if you ever want to check this place out- Bodystreet Edinburgh Morningside Team 13-15 Church Hill Place Edinburgh EH10 4BE +441316770522 Here is my body scan report they sent along with my pictures.

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