Blue Vanilla Summer Make-over

Summer is on the way, so its time for a new closet makeover! Blue VanillaI came across this awesomely cute clothing company named, a stylish clothing site which is perfect for the summer and your everyday style. You can mix and match whatever you like and I guarantee it works all the time! Stylish, fun and modern, Blue Vanilla is a British fashion label. Which focus on beautiful silhouettes and feminine shapes making you shine! No matter what style you have there is something for you! With great collections now ranging from the beach look to vanilla extract! I love it! Blue Vanilla has not let me down! From party dresses, knitwear and exciting unique daily outfits! What make it even more super is they also ship world wide! I received this stunning, lace, smart top from Blue Vanilla the other day and I was totally in love! It fit my fantastically, sometimes buying things online can be a tough gamble, will it fit? What will it look like? Here is my super cute lace laying top which fits around so greatly! I have worn it on a day to day basis and also hit the town on a night out! Never fails! Go and give your wardrobe that little TLC it needs with Blue Vanilla! My basket is getting rather big right now... Also be sure to check out their social media! They are always tweeting away and friendly to their customers! Say a little hello or ask a question!

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