Aquaholics Boat Party

"Let's get this party started"! I have been in Malta for over 2 years and NEVER experienced a boat party! One of the best things about an island in the middle of the Mediterranean famous for its parties is that when summer rolls out. Well my friend that all changed, I recently discovered the boozy waters with some great friends and music, starting in Sliema meeting at 6:30 pm and sailing towards the Gozo island. This was an exclusive party, great DJ, unlimited bar, featuring, jager bombs, beer, spirits you name it, (and not the cheap versions some places do...) it was so personal and not crazy crowded. Providing eco-friendly cups onboard. Meeting point opposite Burger King, Sliema Ferries at 18:30. Starting off with some music booming, people networking and sunset photos. The views are stunning and the people are mature, fun and international. The photos were crazy beautiful and everyone was snapping crazy! At anchor point St Paul's Islands you can enjoy a moonlight swim and alcool games on board. Things get crazy from shots and jumping in the sea and dancing! The Aquaholics Team are super fun, the whole experience was just crazy fun, from listening to great hits of today to old tracks such as Darude - Sandstorm and Alesso - Years ft. Matthew Koma. The boat party was excellent, very well organised and staff were friendly and helpful. Open bar was great, well organised and plenty to go around, one of the best highlights was diving into the sea midnight overlooking the city. Met some awesome people on board from Maltese, South African, English and more, most parties look overcrowded but this was perfect, the security sure made the place feel safe and accommodating. coming back at 12PM the party comes to a close however people continue on in Paceville for further partying, however, I was drained! Such a great experience and highly recommend to look out for this tour.

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