AeroPooch: How To Take A Dog Abroad

Going on vacation when you have a commitment like a pet dog can be a very challenging undertaking. Animals don’t tend to do very well when they are left on their own, destroying your home in the pursuit of food. This leaves you with a just a couple of options; leaving the dog with someone else or taking it with you. Focusing on the latter, this post will be showing you how to turn your pooch into a true globetrotter, handling all of the little elements which can turn this sort of journey into a big job. Prepare The Documents: The first part of this process involves getting some paperwork together. Like you, your dog will need a passport to be able to travel the world properly, though this only really serves as proof of identity for them. Along with this, you may also need to get permission to take your animal to certain countries. If you can’t live without your pooch for medical reasons, getting yourself dog letters to show that they have a job should be nice and easy. Of course, though, you have to be careful in places which may not accept the idea of a guide dog. Get Some Vaccinations: Some of the documents which you have to prepare will be for simple administration. Others, though, could be a matter of life and death, with vaccinations being essential to an animal which hasn’t travelled before. You will be expected to produce proof that your pet has gone through this at both ends of the journey. This makes it worth going with the best organisation you can to carry out the jabs, as this will make it easier to garner trust. Choose The Right Flight: Taking a dog on a plane can be a troubling experience for them. In the past, most airlines would simply store this sort of animal in the hold on the plane, exposing them to much chillier temperatures than you find in the main cabins. Some don’t take this route, though, instead giving owners the chance to keep their dog with them for the whole flight. Of course, you may have to do some research to find examples like this. Pet-Friendly Accommodation: It makes sense that some hotels won’t like the idea of having dogs staying in their rooms, and this can make it hard to find somewhere to stay on your trip. To solve this nice and easily, using a privately hired villa could be the best option for you, giving you the chance to talk to the owner about your pet. Services like AirBnB have made this incredibly easy over the last few years, giving you a host of tools which can be pointed towards finding places to stay with your pets. With all of this in mind, you should have a good idea of what can be done when you are looking for ways to take your dog on vacation with you. While it will take some work, this can be much fairer than expecting them to stay in kennels or with someone else, and the dog will certainly let this be known.

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