9 Tips For Buying An Awesome Home Abroad

There’s something to be said for settling into one community, creating a steady life, and so on, but can that really compete with the allure and excitement of setting forth on an adventure? We don’t think so. One of the best ways to make overseas adventures part of your routine is to have a property abroad. Whenever you have the time, you’ll be able to jet off, and live a different life for a while. What could be better! If this all sounds appealing, take a read below, where we outline some useful tips for ensuring you end up with an awesome place. Make it Affordable There’s no shortage of eye-catching properties abroad, but if you’re going to make this venture a dream, and not a nightmare, then you’ll want to ensure you’re only buying a property that you can comfortably afford. It’ll all begin to feel like a drag if it’s taking a toll on your personal financial situation. Plus, you won’t be there as often as your usual home. It’s worth keeping in mind that you may be able to rent it out, however, so it’s not like all of your costs will be outgoing -- there’ll be some coming in too! But speaking generally, it’s better if you could afford the place without the money from holiday rentals. There are no guarantees that you’ll always have guests! We’ve Been Here Before… Photographs can be oh so deceiving. A destination might look otherworldly in photographs, but not quite so impressive up close. If you’re going to guarantee you end up with a property that you love, then you need to, you know, know that you love the area. So that means having visited at least once, but multiple times is better. There’s a difference between having one fun holiday and making a destination your second home. It’s only after having visited a few times that you can uncover the really fun things (and downsides) of a destination. Where You Can Fit In If you’ve ever bought a property, you know how challenging it can be. When you’re buying one overseas, things become even more problematic. As such, it’s a good idea to buy a property in a place where you can get by with the language. For example, you speak the local tongue or English is commonly spoken. Your ability to fit in will also rest on well you fit culturally with the locals. If they have values and a lifestyle that you agree with, then it’ll work -- if you’re forever complaining about how things are done, then you’ll only up torturing yourself. Close to Other Destinations Keep in mind why you’re buying a home abroad in the first place. It’s because you like adventure, you want to travel, you want to throw off the shackles of the everyday, and see the world. For this reason, it’s a good idea to pick a destination that’s nearby to other destinations, which will allow you to also explore other cities and countries from your base. Get a cheap apartment in Jakarta, for instance, and you won’t only have all the benefits of having a property in Indonesia’s capital city; you’ll also have Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and other countries on your doorstep. You’ll essentially be able to use the property as a fun break from home, and also a launchpad for visiting other sights. A Homey Spot You might be in a travelling state of mind when you’re visiting abroad, but if you’re going to make this a long-term arrangement, then you’ll also want to make sure that there’s an element of “homeliness” about the place. You won’t always want to be on the move -- sometimes, you’ll just want a relaxing break. So find a place that can give you both -- it’s all about creating a sense of adventure and a sense of home. In the Mix It’s easy to focus too much on the property (as in, the actual building) when you’re looking. While that is, obviously, important, it’s only one half of the equation. The other half is the location. You could have a beautiful home or apartment, but if it’s not an area that you want to be, then you won’t enjoy it anywhere near as much as you could or should. When you’re looking at a place, ask yourself if you’d feel happy when you walked out of the front door. In some cases, it’s better to prioritise a strong location over the property. This could mean a view, nature, being in the hip part of town -- whatever it is that’s drawing you to that location. There’s no point travelling a long distance only to find you’re not in the environment you like! Work with Experts Even if you can speak the local language, even if you know the city inside out, it’s always beneficial to work with real estate experts. Think of it this way -- you know everything there is to know about your hometown, but you’d still work with an expert there. When you’re parting with such huge amounts of cash, it’s best not to take any chances. They’ll be able to advise you on the prices you should be paying, help sort the paperwork, and so on. Speaking the Language If you are moving to a place where English is not the first language, you’ll be well-served by picking up some of the local tongue, even if English is widely spoken. There’ll be advantages to this when it comes to just getting things done, but it’ll have a broader impact, too -- it’ll help you to integrate yourself in the community. Become part of the area, rather than just an outsider, should be the aim. It’ll make everything more enjoyable. Take Your Time Finally, remember to take your time. It’s worthwhile taking a little extra time and making sure you end up in a property you love, rather than rushing into things and later regretting your decision. You’ll live with the decision for years -- be patient!

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