7 Unknown Facts about Tv Show "Chicago Fire"

We all love our saving live crime and thriller shows, Gray Anatomy, ER and house and 911. To name a few. One show I've been hooked on for ages on Amazon PRIME is Chicago Fire, bring real real-life drama to screens. Firefighters and paramedics regularly collaborate to save lives. They also face personal issues, but to focus on their profession, they keep them aside. First aired in 2012 this show has been running for 11 seasons and still going strong. I love these unknown facts about the show, so get ready to see unknown facts about the show, on and off-screen! Film in Chicago. Currently, Firehouse 51 is Station 18 at 1360 S. Chicago's Blue Island Ave. "Molly's Bar," run by the Herrmann, Dawson and the Otis players, is fired in Bucktown's real Chicago bar "Lottie's." Anthony Ferraris is also an involved firefighter (Plays Tony – Squad 3). He helps organize the exactness of each incident in the film. Jesse Spencer (Matthew Casey) was a series regular on House M.D. (2004) as Dr Robert Chase. The Chicago skyline seen through the main door of the firehouse is a false one since Google Earth can quickly check it. Maybe the explanation is that the action is taking place in Chicago. In depicting the lives and conditions of firefighters, Chicago Fire prides itself on being as accurate and practical as possible, but one scene may have been too real. In November 2012, news station WGN-TV recorded a 29th and Martin Luther King Drive aeroplane crash and broadcast the impact live. Eventually, the station was told it was a pre-stage item for the Chicago Fire movies. Taylor Kinney plays Kelly Severide, Lieutenant, who is a leader of Squad 3 in Chicago Fire. He started a relationship with famous singer Lady Gaga back in 2011. Both of them met in Nebraska when Gaga filmed a music video for her hit single "You and I." Eamonn Walker And Jesse Spencer Were Assigned A Voice Coach For Their American Accents

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