19 Rooms Malta 4 Star Hotel

When you first enter 19 Rooms, you can feel that it’s not your run-of-the-mill hotel. Combining modern architectural elements, like steel and glass, with the history of an 18th century palazzo where it’s housed, it creates a singular atmosphere. After the hotel reception, you can find the dining area and the sitting area. Guests are known to use this area as if it’s their own living room. A vinyl player, books, comfortable armchairs and free coffee and croissants make this the perfect chill out area. All around this boutique hotel you can find several antiques displayed, which besides giving the hotel a vintage vibe, are also available to being purchased by clients. What makes 19 Rooms different is how they strive for the one on one relationship with their clients and their attention to detail. Each room has a complimentary welcome package, with maps, brochures, and everything useful for visiting Valletta. Who for? People looking for a personalized experience while staying in the capital of Malta. Those who like a late check out, until 2 PM (if the reservations are made through the hotel website). No children under the age of twelve allowed.

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