19 Amazing Gifts For Anyone Who Likes "Friends"

We all love a good bit of FRIENDS, I have been doing a bit of research and rounded up a few super unique and awesome gifts to give to a FRIENDS fan, check them out, they will be be very well received. Monica's & Rachels Girls Sweater Varsity baseball €29.39–€36.83 BUY IT HERE! Friends Inspired Keychain or Necklace -I"ll be there for you -friendship keychain £16.10 BUY IT HERE Friends Coffee Mug - Ceramic Mug £20.47 (I got these for my brother and his girlfriend and they loved them!) BUY IT HERE You're my lobster necklace / Chain £7.50 BUY IT HERE Friends tv show frame friends peephole frame £17.31 BUY IT HERE Wall Art Friends TV Show Monica's Apartment Kitchen Watercolor Print £4.38 BUY IT HERE Moo Point Friends TV Show Mug Christmas Gift Idea Joe's Mug Friends £9.60 BUY IT HERE Friends TV Show Poster Canvas Print, Aux Buttes Chaumont Jouets et £15.53 BUY IT HERE Traditional English Trifle Recipe Print $20.00 BUY IT HERE TV Show Apartment Floor Plan Print $24.99 BUY IT HERE Huggsy Penguin Doll $64.99 FRIENDS Mask £8.88 BUY IT HERE

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