15 Free Date Ideas

Well it's the time of the year where its all lovey dovey, the Hallmark holiday, but it's not always the cheapest of holidays that's for sure! So I thought id put a few ideas together on things you can do to save the pennies but still have a blast! This is mainly located for LONDON and EDINBURGH. However some ideas you can do in your hometown. 1 Beach Day Spend a day at the beach with your date, grab a picnic basket, grab a ball and have a nice romantic beach day! Maybe watch the sunset! 2 Art Museum With Free Admission Satisfy your thirst for artistic appreciation by visiting an art museum or art gallery. Not only art museums but there are many different places you can visit, education and free! Edinburgh National Museum of Scotland Scottish National Gallery Museum of Childhood London Visit London 3 Geocaching Geocaching is a free, real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS. Download the app! ITS FREE 4 Sight See Your City Venture round your city, explore what's going on and have a stroll, maybe take some nice fun photos around the places! 5 Open Houses Like exploring? Looking at places online all the time? This is something you should consider, there are many open house viewing in every country, why not have a sneak peak, you don't have to buy it! realtor Zoopla Open Houses Edinburgh 6 Water Gun Fight Perfectly fun and entertaining free date idea for teenage couples, college couples. Also works great for adult couples who are young at heart. 7 Find a Free Concert There are always so many free little gigs going on. if in London or Edinburgh check out these sites! Eventbrite 8 Karaoke Sing along to your favorite songs. Find out what songs your date has been singing to since she’s in twelve grade. Here’s how you can do this for free. Pick songs for each other instead of yourselves. 9 DIY Cinema Take your laptop somewhere and have a DIY outdoor movie screening. watch one of your favorite films together. Take turns picking the movie. You'd be surprised how much you can learn about someone from their movie selection. 10 Cook Together Get baking, weather a cake or even your own little romantic meal! Check out some must try recipes here! Chicken Recipes Potato Recipes Salmon Recipes 11 Bike Ride Pretty self explanatory LOL 12 Drinking Game Play a horror film drinking game. 13 Massage Take turns to give each other a massage. Release that negative energy and the piled up stress inside your SO and you. Studies show that massages aid in the stimulation of blood circulation. This helps overcome anxiety, digestive disorders, and leads to increased flexibility. 14 Pet Homes Volunteer at a animal sanctuary, play with the dogs and cats! 15 Games Games encapsulate a wide range of different activities. For examples, mobile games and board games. Or even some playstation games!

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