"Wessex Boy" Frank Turner UK Tour Interview

What an amazing night! My boyfriend Tom and I flew to Dublin, Ireland to see Frank Turner play at the Olympia Theatre. An early birthday present. What started off chilled and calmed exploded to a rocking night and interview with Frank himself. If you were an animal what animal would you be?
"A dog. Maybe a pug." Frank Turner - Recovery The English folk singer-songwriter from Meonstoke, Hampshire brought such a performance. Frank really makes you feel you're part of the night with his banter, the atmosphere he creates and of course, his music, Turner's band, The Sleeping Souls (named after a lyric from "I Am Disappeared") consists of: • Ben Lloyd - guitar, harmonica, mandolin • Tarrant Anderson - bass • Matt Nasir - piano, organ, guitar, backing vocals • Nigel Powell - drums, percussion, backing vocals​ After the show we were fortunate to meet the famous Mr T! This was the start of his UK tour and it was something super special. Frank played his famous song “4 Simple Words" as a finishing performance as well as “Recovery”. "I Still Believe" (2010) "Photosynthesis" (2008) "Reasons Not to Be an Idiot" (2008) "Long Live the Queen" (2008) "Wessex Boy" (2011) "The Way I Tend To Be" (2013) "Losing Days" (2013) "Polaroid Picture" (2013) "Get Better" (2015) "Mittens" (2016) Frank Turner saying a Happy Birthday video to Tom Frank was the first singer both Tom and I went crazy for, Tom having seen Frank before he took off back at the Hippodrome in Kingston (London). I got the chance to ask Frank some questions that many fans are wanting to know the answers to and to get to know the 'ins and outs' of the musical life. Frank, thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me; you must be so busy with your tour.One question that everyone wants to know is, what was your inspiration for "4 Simple words?"

"I wanted to write a song about punk rock and what it means to be, about the sense of community that sustains me that I find there. Plus I wanted to write something that felt like a Queen song." After the concert in Dublin 2016 The Queen song is such a hit, everyone went crazy when you played that. Is there a song that is your all time favourite?

"I couldn't really pick just the one. Each song had a lot of meaning for me, they're labours of love. Some are more special than others, but I've written a lot so it's hard to single one out." That last question is always the toughest one to ask of any musician. What was your first ever performance like?

"I played at my older sister's 13th birthday party. Nirvana covers, mostly, if memory serves. I'm not sure we were great." Frank did a blog about my favourite country, the USA with Hype Player. Wow! It must seem crazy to see where you are today, jamming up on stage, traveling the world. Did you ever have singing lessons or join the choir?

"I was rejected from choir at school. I had a few vocal lessons when I was in Million Dead because I was losing my voice on tour, but otherwise I'm self taught as a singer." You are truly showing the choir your skills! There is something so calming and soothing about your notes. What's the hardest part about being a musician?

The toll it takes on your personal life. It's very hard to have any normal kinds of relationships. But it comes with the territory so you suck it up.7. If you were an animal what animal would you be? A dog. Maybe a pug.8. I can imagine, its hard enough in a 9-5 job with family and friends! What are your thoughts on the current "Pop/punk" scene? I'm not sure really. I'm probably not the best person to ask, I wouldn't say I'm all that dialled in to the underground. There are some cool bands around right now, I'll say that. Did your family support you being a musician? "No. My parents were very concerned that I was wasting my life. Might still be actually. I don't resent them for it, they are not familiar with the world in which I've made my way, they were worried for my well-being." "I was a nerd, and then an angry nerd when I discovered punk. Not the popular type." At a bar, what is your drink of choice? "A light beer or white wine. And a Jameson chaser." Ah nice choice, its always a question readers like to find out. Who is your all time inspiration? "Springsteen, if I had to pick just one. He's consistently excellent as a singer, a songwriter and as a performer. I find him hugely inspirational." What 3 things could you NOT live without? "My guitar, laptop, my friends. No necessarily in that order." Interesting. Most people say their phones. Tell us about your tattoos! What do they mean and have you any that you regret? "Every tattoo I have has a long story behind it, even the stupid drunk ones. I have quite a few now. I don't regret any of them, that's not a game I'm interested in playing." Like that answer; life is short, gotta just go for it, make memories! What is the first concert you went to? "I saw a band called Snug, now mostly forgotten alas, at a bar called The Joiners Arms in Southampton in 1995." How awesome would it be to play with them sometime?! How do you like spending your days off? "Mostly I spend them hibernating. Touring is physically exhausting, so you need you recuperate when you can. Hotel room, room service, Netflix." Last but not least, what are your plans after your tour? " I'm not planning on stopping touring anytime soon, in the grand scheme of things. I'll be making another record once this tour cycle is done." There you have it from Frank himself, the “Get better” singer is currently touring around the UK and is going on to some massively exciting moments ahead. Check out his stuff (HERE) as well as keeping posted for updates across his social media! Good stuff, Frank and I hope to see you again soon! All the best, The Punk Rock Princess!

"Wessex Boy" Frank Turner UK Tour Interview