"Studs are a Girls Best Friend...."

I love shopping online with “The Body Jewellery Shop ”. They have everything, from cute, preppy and punk to exclusive, tremendous and visionary studs. I love my little pretty punk marks such as the little love hearts with the skulls, the little black studs and the unique navel rings. You might see this and think “you need a piercing in order to enjoy body jewellery” that isn’t true at all as they sell clip on items which look real. I had always wanted a delicate little stud at the top of my ear (helix piercing) but was scared and unsure about it. I used one of the non-piercing or 'faux piercing' items of jewellery as a tester for a while and as of now I am the owner of a high end ear stud! Love it! Their variety is HUGE which is why I love them; you could have any form of piercing and I guarantee they'll have something you love and that fits - hint, that's why they're called “The Body Jewellery Shop”. (This is the 3rd time writing about them due to my love for their products and what friends have recommended) “I have a conch ear pricing in each ear and to this day I wish I had knowing this site before. Jadine this is amazing where has this company been?! I have also bought 4 nose studs and 3 nose hoops I couldn't help myself! “#happy#love#piercings#unique#classy#london. – Hope Whitehead. I recently purchased a few lovely charms that I love to show off. The amazedly cute Silver Ear Cuff – Dragonfly. (Having grown up in Asia I saw this and thought it was a MUST! It's super cute and I pop it below my previous one. I also snapped up a few fun Star Prong Set jewelled Tragus Barbells in pink along with a Silver & Bio flex LabretStud which came with mixed star jewels to change over! “Ahhh so happy with my studs, having over 9 ear piercings this site is ace!” – #IneedaNewPercing! #TheBodyJewelleryShop - Kimberley Arnold This is my number one go to place for Body Jewellery. Some people with body piercings have really sensitive skin and aren't able to wear certain types of materials due to reactions. I have recommend this place to various friends, some of which who have had sensitive skin issues with jewellery yet never with The Body Jewellery Shop. I have nothing bad to say at all - super happy! A responsive company and I am more than happy to recommend. As twitter would say #HappyCustomer. What have you got in your basket?! Excited to see what else they have in store!

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