"But First...Let Me Take a Selfie"

As much as we all complain about our friends and people online obsessed with taking photos of themselves (aka selfies). We all have that one photo, now with the selfie sticks flying off the shelves, I just had to put togeather a few awesome must see famous and funny selfies on the media today. Starting with...... 1. Kim Kardashian & Kanye.... This is just 1 out of the 1000s.​ 2.Katy Perry and Rihanna on the 2012 MTVVMA Backstage Bestie Cam. 3.Smitten director Judd Apatow made sure to snap photos of his gorgeous leading lady, Leslie Mann, before the couple arrived at the ceremony as well as on the red carpet. 4.As soon as Cara DeLevingne hit the runways a few years ago, the Internet fell in love with her (and her infamous goofy faces). 5.Here we have Kevin Nealon taking a selfie when he thinks no one can see him. He is known for many roles as an actor and for many laughs as a comedian. . um....wonder who that snaps for.. 6. On set with Cameron Diaz 7.The Most Legendary Celebrity Selfie Of All Time. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, Mr Hanks won! 8. The “Selfie of myselfie” starring Elijah Wood 9. Ricky and the Muppets. 10. The Famous all star one! oooooh Bradly... 11. Selema Gomez has her fair share, always looks stunning! 12. Jess! I mean "Zooey" This pretty much says it all! 13. Keith and Nicole 14. By far one of the best maybe its cause he looks super socially awkward or isnt sure what a camera is...napoleon dynamite. 15. They both had long term relationships with Brad Pitt before he met and ... And it appears Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow have bonded ... 16. Jason at a Hit Record event. I like the glasses! 17.I love this selfie of a seemingly random group of celebs at this year’s Met Ball. This picture begs the question: are all famous people friends? 18. Eminem with the famous Mona Lisa. 19. "Who runs the world" Mrs Queen Beyonce. 20. Jemima Khan has launched the #wakeupcallcampaign for Unicef's 21. I just had to for all you animal lovers! There you have it, loads more on Pinterest and instagram, be sure to follow me on Facebook, Thepunkrockprincess and Twitter/Instagram! Whats your best selfie?

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