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Some Irish Recipes for St. Patrick's Day Celebration

The 17th of March is St. Patrick's Day, and it's a "day to wear green" and other Irish tradition. Even if the Patron St. Patrick was not born in Ireland, all Green (symbolizing spring and crop prosperity) can still be used or used for this day of fun and Iris. And for all ages, it's a vacation. Here are some nice ideas to be used on St. Patrick's Day. A few drops of the coloring of the green food go on something, even a beer mug. Anything made of Irish cream or Irish whiskey is also Irish. Authentic Corned beef and cabbage Corned beef brisket, about 4 lbs.
1 juice orange
18-20 whole cloves
1 tsp. whole yellow mustard seeds
1/2 tsp. caraway seeds
1/2 tsp. whole black peppercorns
1/2 tsp. whole coriander

Put corned beef brisket into large pot for cooking. Take cloves and insert them, then sprinkle remaining spices on. Cover brisket with water, bring to boil, then simmer for 3 hours or until tender.

3 lbs. small potatoes, peeled
2 1/2 lbs. carrots, peeled and cut into large pieces
1 medium head cabbage

About 40 minutes before beef is finished, boil a large pot of water and cook potatoes and carrots. Add cabbage about 10 minutes before you're ready to serve as it doesn't need to cook long. Drain vegetables.
Arrange meat and vegetables on a platter and serve with your favorite mustards.

St. Patrick Day Cookie Pops (for the kids to make) Box of Vanilla Wafers
Box of Popsicle sticks
Vanilla or chocolate frosting; or Peanut butter
Various decorations – chocolate chips, icing packs, assorted green candies, green sugar sprinkles, ju ju bees, sprinkles, etc.

Spread out ½ of the vanilla wafers, with the flat sides up on the plate. Take the vanilla, chocolate icing, or peanut butter and spread across flat surface. Next, take a Popsicle stick and lay it down with the end in the middle of the cookie. Top with another vanilla wafer to make a sandwich.

Now the kids can get creative! Turn the cookie pop into a green shamrock; apply vanilla icing and draw with green icing pack; make a pot of gold with candies; anything you want!
They make a great treat for the kids to take to school!

Easy Hot Whiskey Punch (for the adults) 1 measure of whiskey
2 teaspoons white sugar
4-6 cloves
2 slices fresh lemon
7 oz. boiling water

Put whiskey, sugar cloves and lemon slices into a strong glass. 2. Pour on the boiling water until the sugar has dissolved. 3. Sip contentedly by a blazing fire.

Irish Scones 1/2 cup butter
4 cups flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup sugar
1 egg
1 cup milk
Note: You can add raisins, dates or other dried fruits, if desired.

Makes about 18 scones.

Preheat oven to 425°F.

In a large bowl, combine butter and flour until crumbly. Add baking powder, salt and sugar.
In a separate bowl, beat egg and milk. Mix into dry ingredients to make a dough.
Turn onto floured surface and roll to one-inch thickness. With a cookie cutter or the bottom of a drinking glass, cut dough into 2-inch rounds. Place on greased cookie sheet, about one inch apart and bake for 15 minutes.

5 Reasons That You Should Learn To Drive A Motorcycle

If you are looking to take on a new challenge, or want to put the fun back in driving, it may be time to leave your old car behind and learn to drive a motorcycle! After all, they are an incredibly versatile form of transport, which you can use for your daily commute or to set out on an adventure when you have a little downtime. Whether you’ve always dreamed of owning one, or the idea has just sprung into your mind - there are numerous benefits associated with riding a motorcycle! For example: You can explore the world more freely. There is nothing quite like the freedom you experience when on a motorbike. You get to take to the open road in a completely unique way - with the scenery flashing by and the wind blowing against you - there is truly nothing else like it! If you want to head out on a solo road trip, motorcycles are the way to go! This means you can cover great distances in a short amount of time, and get to take in some truly wonderful sights along the way. Don’t worry about storage - as there are plenty of storage options, you can add on to your motorcycle, such as panniers so that you won’t have to go without any essential items. You can find out more about them here: It can have a positive effect on your mood. Studies have shown that riding a motorcycle can help bring a smile to your face on a challenging day. This is because it causes your body to release endorphins, which can have a positive impact on your mood, memory, energy levels, and sense of well-being. It brings along a range of surprising health benefits. In addition to boosting your mood, riding a motorcycle can also bring along a range of surprising health benefits. For example, it can help improve your core strength as you have to maintain good posture when riding. Over time, this can help you adapt to a healthier wellness lifestyle, encouraging you to try new things. It’s better for the environment. Right now, it is clearer than ever that we all need to play our part in protecting the environment. One way in which you can do this is by reducing your carbon footprint. As motorcycles use less fuel, they typically produce less harmful emissions than your typical car - meaning they are an eco-friendly form of travel. Furthermore, electronic motorcycles (that require no fuel whatsoever) appear to be on the rise - which would be even better for the environment than a typical motorbike. However, if you do decide to drive a motorbike, it is important that you do so safely. Do not take any unnecessary risks, and take the time to get used to riding the motorcycle before you set off on a long journey. Additionally, you should always ensure you wear the appropriate safety equipment, such as a helmet and gloves, to protect yourself from any injury.

How to Put The Fun Back in Driving

There’s no doubt that driving can be fun, but it’d be simply wrong to suggest that this was always the case. Sometimes, it’s anything but enjoyable. While there’s little cause for concern if you’re sick of being behind the wheel for a day or two, if you’re beginning to fall out of love with driving, then it’ll be time to take action. Whether you love driving or not might not sound like a big deal, but when you spend so much of your time in your car, then it suddenly does become pretty important! In this blog, we’ll take a look at a few ways to put the fun back in driving. Take a Trip If you’re spending all your time just driving to and from work, then sure, you’re not going to love being in your car. You’ll be going somewhere that, even if it’s satisfying, isn’t always that much fun, and then there’s the whole matter of rush hour traffic. What’s to love? Not much! As such, it can be useful to take a trip that’s all about fun. When you’re cruising the roads on the best UK road trips, you’ll remember just why you fell in love with driving in the first place. Change Your Vehicle Sometimes, it’s not about the roads we’re driving or where we’re going, but about the vehicle itself. If you’re had your vehicle for a while and it’s no longer doing it for you, then why not look at changing things up and getting a new car? There are plenty of excellent cars for sale, so all you need to do is take a look at what’s available, test drive a couple, and then choose that one that feels right for you. Life’s too short to spend your time driving a car that doesn’t make your heart sing! Get Your Car Serviced If you’re not in a position to get a different vehicle, then you can also look at putting some life back into your existing wheels. Simply getting your car serviced will make it more enjoyable to drive, simply because it’ll run much better than before you got it serviced. This can involve getting the interior and exterior professional cleaned and having the engine looked at by a trained mechanic. Doing these things won’t just improve the quality of your car, either -- it’ll also make it last longer, too. In-Car Entertainment There’s no shortage of ways to stay entertained in a car these days. If you’re getting a little bored when you’re driving, then look at upgrading your infotainment system, so you can listen to music/podcasts. Take a Break Finally, if you want a guaranteed way to fall in love with driving all over again, then look at hanging up your keys for a week or two. As with most things in life, we only realise what we’ve got once it’s gone. If you’re having to take public transport or walk everywhere, it won’t be long before you’re rushing back to your vehicle.

Things to Look for When Buying Personal Real Estate

You will need to consider things like maintenance, size, location, and the rental cost of the home. People get caught up in the search or purchase of the item, but forget to ask important questions about what the item is good for. To achieve long-term success in real estate investments, these are some of the things to consider. 1) Height. You can have an impact on the space's size. In different people, the problem looks different. Older people living alone would do well in small apartments that required lower maintenance. A home needs to have room to grow inside and outside the home. Windows and doors Makham are great for getting you settled. If you have 5 children, you do not want to crowd them into 2 bedrooms. If you are a confirmed bachelor, then you do not need 5 bedrooms. Size is an important consideration when choosing a house that meets your needs. 2) A neighbourhood. Everyone should be concerned. People do not want to buy homes in unsafe areas. Most people do not want to live in a neighbourhood that is just entering into or on the verge of a decline. Real estate can be a good long-term investment, but it is wise to make sure your area is expanding rather than shrinking. 3) Investment because of its value. The general idea is that over the life of the mortgage, you will get a good increase in the value of your home. If the area you are considering has experienced several years of the declining property value you may want to find out why that is before making the investment and moving into that area. It could be an indicator of decline. 4) (School District) This can be a consideration for those with children or who plan to have children. For some, it is an important consideration. Most school districts are determined by the neighbourhood in which you live. 5) Cost. Home is a big consideration for most people searching for a home. This will allow you to get the best value possible but you should do this in such a way that you are not slave labour, Windows and doors Markham. Are a great help to getting the things you need done around your property. You need to have the ability to maintain the home in good condition. If you can afford to live comfortably in the area, you will have the best real estate situation. Of course, there are other factors that should be considered. The area itself, the number of similar families in the area, and the closeness of the area to other conveniences are all significant factors. All of these things combine to a sense of satisfaction over the life that you have created.

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Take advantage of these important tips that will help save you money and make your home cosy. Use Fluorescent Bulbs Out with the old, in the new, Incandescent bulbs produce a lot of heat and are very inefficient. Replace your home lighting with compact fluorescent bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs use 25% of the energy that traditional incandescent bulbs use. In addition to that, fluorescent bulbs last a lot longer. Solar Outdoor Lights Today's solar outdoor lights are not only cost effective but the designs are really nice, too. You're sure to find the right solar lights that match your home's design style</a> all while enhancing the look of your garden for free. Paid for by the sun. Upgrade Appliances Think you can't afford a new refrigerator or microwave? Think again. Replace your appliances with Energy Star rated appliances. You will save in the long run and rest content knowing you aren't wasting energy. Hire garbage bin rental to help get rid of all your unneeded JUNK EQUIPMENT and more. Get Programmable Thermostats When you are headed off to work is there any reason to keep your thermostat at the same temperature you need it while your home? This is a big waste of energy and we don't always remember to change the setting before we leave. With programmable thermostats you basically just hired an assistant to take care of this for you. So relax. Dim Lights Dimming your lights can save anywhere from 10-50% in electricity and can extend the bulb's life by 20 times making your home energy efficient. Using scenes of illumination Does the garage light either wake up or come from the workplace, to see how glowing the window comes from the front office? Only such lights can be brought on the lighting control device while you cook, eat or read. All the light can be switched off at once in your powerful house or lighting can be turned off from a convenient location in other rooms. Motorized Shades Monitor Climate You know the best time when your windows are not directly under the sun, but there is ample outside light to minimize indoor light. Should we always remember natural light rather than light in our house? Do we always remember it? I know I don't. I know that I don't. Invest in motor shades that can be opened at the right time of day to let natural light into your home. Fuel Substitute Solar panels on the south facing roof will provide ample power for all of your house. Don't be concerned that you won't have a huge metal twist item on your roof, Solar panels look like shingles on the roof that fit the elegance of your energy efficient home. Air Handler Variable Speed Another effective way to cool and heat your home is to use a variable speed air handler. You can rely on less noise and a more productive air flow into your home when beginning softly and not so suddenly. Computerized control systems monitoring Check the whole home by one machine. This is more than just energy conservation. You wisely manage your home through modern technology that saves you money and allows you in your home to operate various technologies. Get clever and save today!

Locking Mailboxes Keep Your Identity Safe

Many people don't think locking their mailboxes is very necessary. You get some odd things in your mailbox from time to time. The group is capable of stealing your phone bill, social security number, and more. Another reason is that mailboxes should be locked. Identity theft is a very big problem in many people's lives. Many identity theft cases have happened simply by the unfortunate lack of a locking mailbox. You have probably seen the mailman deliver your mail to your apartment. There is a big lock in the middle of the mailboxes of all your neighbours, only the mailman has a key for. It prevents anyone else besides the mailman and the post office from opening everyone's locked mailboxes. If you have a regular mailbox that anyone can open, it would be a good idea to put a lock on it and make sure that only the people you trust have the key for it. You should make sure that your locking mailbox is big enough so that it will not stick out when you are away for a couple of days. The moments you lost or break your key are the worst! Locksmith mississauga are a key example of getting into these situations! If you are expecting something very important you should wait by your window until the mailman delivers it to you. Don't leave it on the porch too long; especially if it does not have a key. If you don't have a way to open it, don't force it. Remember where you keep your mailbox key so you do not lose it. It is possible to consider the phone a lot, but for some, it could be the beginning of identity theft. No, there are not many people who are willing to walk around and open every mailbox, but there is technology now that can help them to know which household it belongs to. Many countries have thought of a wide variety of ways to keep your mail safe. Some states and countries have even set up security alarms that go off when someone other than the mailman opens the mailbox lock. The best way to lock mailboxes would be with Deadbolt locks. It's not a typical lock. It's a lock that uses a combination, key, and a spring to be opened. It's protected by alarm sensors and motion detectors. There are locks you cannot just buy at your local hardware store, you must order them. The companies that sell these locks usually have postal ties.

Web Design For The Do-it-yourselfer

Numerous business owners want to create a blend of their personality and a powerful visual web design that will be attractive to visitors. Business developers also have very little in the way of solid direction for their site. They want to sell products, but they don't know how to translate that goal into a website. This is where a web designer can help you identify what you need in the form of a web development and design. You can spend a significant amount of money getting a website up and running and it continues to be expensive each month in the form of ongoing fees to keep the designer on hand. Your lack of planning will ultimately cost you significantly in present and future web design applications and redesigns. There are so many sites that aren't hugely costly, such as Toronto-based online marketing agency specializing in website design and development, as well as Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads and Social Media Marketing. Does development have something to do with design? Yes. Think of a website as a family tree. Instead of the Father at the top of the Web, you have your homepage. On that homepage you list primary pages (instead of children). These pages may contain “About Us”, “Contact Us”, “Shopping”, “FAQ”, etc. And then consider how many pages you will need for each section. For instance, you should determine how many pages you need to list individual products and descriptions. If you can generate a sitemap (family tree) for your web business, you can develop the website yourself at significant savings. You can also make any changes to your website yourself without needing to work through a web host or designer (who may or may not have time to help you once the original design is finished and they have found a new client to work with). Template-rich website builders allow you to develop your websites. You will need to take some time to plan the site and then work to implement the ideas on your own. Most of us understand how a family tree works. If people are shown to be willing to browse sites that go along with their personal experiences and attitudes, then a site can be designed that will fit that person. Imagine it differently. If you are planning to do a home repair you might find a website that will provide home repair tips. You will gain the satisfaction and pride you get from saving money and gaining a new skill. One great way to make your site stand out is by creating awesome art work, choosing your theme and making your brand, such as canva. Online tutorials can help you learn about web tools for a positive, self-directed web design.

Travelling Well with Your Dog

If your dog is used to it's creature comforts or requires a lot of exercise, you might assume that he or she won’t enjoy travelling. However, accompanying you on trips and going on adventures can be one of your dog’s favourite pastimes! If you want to avoid paying for dog sitters or putting your dog in kennels while you’re away, take a look at these top tips for travelling well with your dog now: Start from a Young Age If you know your lifestyle involves a lot of travel and you’re planning to get a dog, include them in your travel plans from a young age. Once your puppy has had its jabs, you can take it virtually anywhere with you, although you might want to make sure they’re housebroken first! If a puppy gets used to travelling when they’re young, you’ll have no problems travelling with your dog when it’s older. Find Dog-Friendly Accommodation When you’re travelling with your dog, it won’t be as easy to find last-minute accommodation. A significant number of hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses still don’t allow dogs, so you’ll need to plan ahead. Fortunately, an increasing number of establishments do now permit dogs, so you should be able to find somewhere suitable, regardless of where you’re going to. What’s more – there are even dog-friendly hotels popping up that have everything you need to give your dog a 5*, luxury travel experience. Think About Transportation If you’re driving to your destination and it’s not too long a journey, putting your pup in the car with you might be the easiest option. However, if you’re travelling long-distance or you’re going to be flying or travelling by boat, you’ll need another route for your pet. Dedicated pet transport services, like, can give you peace of mind that your dog will be well-cared for throughout their journey. Just remember to ensure you have the right documentation on hand before your pet departs. Take Familiar Items Whenever you’re travelling somewhere new, be sure to take a selection of items that your dog is familiar with. Their own toys, blankets, bed and bowls will carry their scent and make them feel secure. It’s little things like this that can calm a dog’s anxiety, so it’s important to make sure you have everything you need to help your dog enjoy their mini-break or holiday. Get Some Extra Training In If your dog’s young, overly excitably or not used to travelling, their behaviour might take a turn for the worse when you arrive at your destination. Your pup may be keen to explore new places, which means their recall may be lax or greet everyone they see, which means jumping up or barking. However, a little extra training will help your dog to take everything in their stride and help you to relax and enjoy your trip. Planning a Dog-Friendly Holiday Whether you’re staying in the UK or heading abroad, there are many ideal destinations for a dog-friendly holiday. With online networks to help you, you can track down the most exciting places to visit with your pup and turn them into a seasoned traveller!

Top Tips for Bathing Your Dog at Home

The cost of dog grooming has been increasing steadily and the amount of money pet owners are now spending on their animals has also increased according to Government statistics. It’s not always possible to use a professional for your dog so there are times when you may need to bathe them at home. When to Bathe Your Dog Bathing your dog at home is an important part of keeping your dog healthy. It is also important as it helps keep their skin and fur clean and healthy not to mention it helps to remove any unwanted smells that are being carried on their coat. Dogs are not like us humans; they don’t require you to bathe them every other day or even every week. It really depends on the dog and getting expert advice from your vet is important. Types of Shampoo to Use on Your Dog Ensure you choose a shampoo that is most suitable for your dog and that has been specifically formulated for dogs. Check out this range of waterless shampoo for dogs. Remember to patch test any shampoo on your dog to ensure they are not allergic to the formula or that it doesn’t cause any irritation on their skin. Helping Your Dog Dogs often don’t like getting bathed so it’s important to help them get used to it. This starts by ensuring your dog is happy to be handled. It’s also important to remain calm around your dog and practice with your dog before going near a bath. This means gently making the actions you would when cleaning them in the bath from the footpads to under the ears. This way your dog will get used to you doing this. Ensure you praise and reward your dog during each stage. Another step to consider is introducing your dog to water gradually. Do it in stages and again keep rewarding your dog every step of the way. If your dog does not like the water the first time, then take it in stages and try again later. Remember to remain calm. Consider adding toys to the bath to encourage your dog to enter the water, this can be anything from squeaky toys to treats. Another way to help your dog is to take them for a long walk before the bath. This will tire them out and feel more relaxed when they get back. Things You Will Need Equipment to consider when bathing your dog at home includes a dog bath, shampoo, conditioner, towel, brush, washcloth or sponge, as well as toys or other items to distract your dog. After the Bath Ensure you brush and comb your dog’s coat after it has been dried. The coat is very important and should be kept in good condition. Brushing and combing after a bath is a great way of getting your dog used to this practice. Remember to reward your dog before, during, and after the bath. These tips will help your dog get used to bathing and hopefully come to enjoy it.

4 Ways To Get More From Your Travel Experience

Are you looking to get a lot more from your next adventure around the world? Here are some of the best ways to do just that. When In Amsterdam… Amsterdam is the perfect location for a lot of different things. However, one of the main reasons people have traveled there is recent years is to get a great high in public. A few years ago, Amsterdam was one of the only places in the world where you could legally consume cannabis for recreational purposes. These days, there’s quite a few locations around the world including several states in America where that’s an option. You can buy weed from a cannabis dispensary while you’re in the US and have a fantastic time as long as you’re in the right state. So, the lesson here is simple. While you’re travelling consider indulging in experiences that perhaps aren’t allowed in your home country. Get A Guided Tour If you’re looking to get more from your next travel adventure, then you should definitely think about investing in a guided tour. There are lots of locations around the world where this is a possibility. For instance, you might be planning on taking a trip to Africa. One of the best experiences that you get in Africa is going on a safari. If you’re planning this, then hiring a guide is always recommended. They can allow you to access hidden possibilities such as a night safari. This is when the jungles and plains of Africa come alive because the animals are far more active in the evening. It does cost more to access this type of possibility. However, if you can afford it, it’s definitely worth the cost. Rent An Incredible Vehicle Or, you could think about focusing on renting an awesome vehicle for your trip. If you are going to spend a lot of time on the road during your vacation, then it does make sense to invest in the best car that you can find. You should consider getting all the bells and whistles for your vacation. If you’re touring America then you could even consider renting an RV. This is a great way to add a little more luxury to the typical road trip and give yourself the perfect place to relax at the end of each day. Go Big Or Go Home Finally, you might want to think about saving up and spending a fortune on your vacation. There are lots of trips that you can get more from if you save before you travel. For instance, you can think about booking a trip to Disney World. Some of the hotels here are incredibly expensive but offer a luxury theme park experience like no other. This includes fantastic dining options and wonderful character meets that will be perfect if you’re planning on taking the kids. We hope this helps you understand everything that you need to think about to get more from your next travel experience. If you explore the best options here, then you’ll be sure to discover an adventure that you won’t soon forget.

Inside the blood-soaked Gothic romance of “Crimson Peak”

Edith Cushing (Mia Wasikowska) lives in New York at the turn of the 20th century and wants to be a novelist. A friendly visionist (Charlie Hunnam) loves her, but it's Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston) who's trying to raise money to mine the unique red clay under his English estate. When Edith's father dies unexpectedly, Thomas and his girlfriend, Lucille (Jessica Chastain), go to Sharpe, an amazing place filled with black butterflies; a red goop; stunning breathtaking corridors; rooms that are banned; and ghosts, she walks away with her sister. When Edith is weaker, she wants to learn the secrets of the fantasies. Director Guillermo Del Toro is willing, but seems more interested in a magnificent ghost house concept, to explore the true depth of the disturbing. All is surface, but what a field! The house is one of the most spectacular things ever built for an unsettling film with its spinning leaves, black butterflies, white snow and bloody red clone, and the ghosts (carved by actor Doug Jones) are terribly disfigured, sending a cold down your neck. Inspired by literature from the 19th century, Crimson Peak is borrowed from dark Hollywood romances such as Gaslight and Infamous. Del Toro never gets into it; we don't know what it feels or why these things haunt him. It's a tribute for days gone by. The actors are all okay, though (especially Hiddleston, who looks like he was born for this time period). It's more sophisticated than profound—closer it's than Pan's Labyrinth to Hellboy II: the Golden Army—but it's a whole new experience yet.

Coffee And Your Health

You've been thinking how healthy coffee you're for every day if you're a coffee drinker. This is not shocking because coffee was so poorly blamed. You name it, cardiac illness, cancer, osteoporosis. Coffee was blamed at one time or another. Here's a new question you never wondered: is coffee ever healthy for you? You may be shocked by the response. Here is a statistics: did you know that in the United States alone, there are over 160 million coffee drinkers? The average American consumes 8.8 lbs in terms of intake. The annual coffee. But note that: Finland, which comes in at almost 30 lbs a year, is the world leader in consumer affairs. This is so much coffee. This is so much coffee! There are also over 19,000 experiments performed to determine the impact of coffee. Another figures. Studies may often be inaccurate, but this is widely accepted: drinking between 2 and 3 cups of coffee per day is frequently considered more beneficial than harmful. However, since everybody's body is different, all of us tolerate things differently. Some people can experience nervousness and irritability even with the smallest amount of Caffeine. Consider that a person can consume caffeine in addition to coffee in another way. And sometimes with no information. See for additional interesting coffee posts. Unknown facts include the antioxidants that are found to import healthy ovaries. coffee contains Here you can find a short list of some advantages seen in coffee: * Eliminate Parkinson's symptoms * * Ingredients antibacterial * * Reduce the risk of gallstone production * Mental acuity preservation * Reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes development (if you have diabetes, reduce the use). * Coffee is not likely to yield coffee if you are free of hypertension. * Relief of headaches. * Reduce the risk of such cancer types * Improve your stamina * But how do you know? Be sure to speak to the healthcare provider and get your coffee advice. They ( and you) know what problems you may have that you should be vigilant about when it comes to coffee. You are sure that you have no significant negative effects from drinking coffee. But, it's good to know that a cup or two in the morning may not be hurtful. Then look for yourself and enjoy your coffee, if necessary.

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