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Hearty Cabbage Soup Recipe

It's getting chilly and nothing feels better than some fresh homemade cabbage soup, super easy and filling. All you need is - 6 large green onions - 2 green peppers - 1 or 2 cans of tomatoes (diced or whole) - 3 Carrots - 1 Container (10 oz. or so) Mushrooms - 1 bunch of celery - Half a head of cabbage - 1 package Lipton soup mix - 1 or 2 cubes of bouillon (optional) - 1 48oz can V8 juice (optional) - Season to taste with salt, pepper, parsley, curry, garlic powder, etc. So simply, slice green onions put in a pot and start cooking. Cut the green pepper stem end off and cut in half, take the seeds and membrane out. Cut the green pepper into bite-size pieces and add to the pot. Take the outer leafs layers off the cabbage, cut into bite-size pieces, add to the pot. Clean carrots, cut into bite-size pieces and add to the pot. Slice mushrooms into thick slices, add to the pot. If you would like a spicy soup, and add a small amount of curry or cayenne pepper now. You can use beef or chicken bouillon cubes for seasonings. These have all the salt and flavours you will need. Use about 12 cups of water, cover and put heat on low. Let soup cook for a long time - two hours works well. Season to taste with salt and pepper. This is the recipe I found, and from speaking to several people this is my conclusion: if you stick to the plan, it can work for you, yet this whole cabbage soup business is for those who can appreciate it. As for me, I truly believe that one should consume not only what would make his loose weight, but also something that would taste good! What would be the point of suffering if your final goal is to feel good? I think that one should enjoy not only the result but also the process! Try this cabbage soup recipe. You will not regret it. There aren't a lot of tasty and healthy foods like cabbage soup.

Are You Stuck In A Fashion Statement

According to a constructive mode, the moment might be to look closer to the facts and to figure out if you're trapped in your style or whether you can grab from the old and the modern. Well, Femme Luxe can help you with that. You might be wondering how? Try this easy mode screening to see if one or more scenarios correlate. Are people flustered more dressed than other people? Yeah, people who are flogged tend to wear long sleeves, caps or stiffly formal and right dresses with their tall neck. Through traditional clothes, such people prefer to conceal their repression. White Pleated Long Sleeve Shirt Mini Dress is a great way to mix up your style. As viewed on the TV, I completely obsess about the white plumted Sleeve Shirt Mini Dress. The gorj's shirt dress will transform everyone's way with a plucky, shrilled tail with a sleeve. Show up and stand out with our Jade Knitted Corset Top to strip you of our presence. However, there is also the chilled layback joggers, such as Black Cuffed Joggers and Pink Cuffed Joggers. These joggers are amazed with some chunky trainers and a lace body jacket with an elasticated belt and a hidden string. "I never have an outfit to fit the occasion or a thing to wear" are people always unhappy? Yes, and how many of us said we can't go because we've got nothing to wear in a lifetime. Go in the wardrobe and see the new trend and accessories, but we do not yet like that look in the wardrobe. Are rebellious simple quantities or short clothing? Yeah. Well, yes. Dressers Skimpy are the complete opposite of dressers. With this White Ruched Bardot Long Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress you cannot go wrong score some major fashion points. We are fascinated with this bodycon dress with a ruched sleeve and hand. These people's classes can wear little to nothing to assist with defending themselves. When you feel clearly covered, the less you wear the easier to get out of the clothes. Are people who are clever dressers superior in the state of trendy mode? No. This could be a feeling with dressing to get a deeper feel. Tidy dressers will straighten ties, clean your jacket off to attract attention. You're an informal dresser? You're fine with what you wear if you decided yes to this issue. Your fashionable shopping won't be a bold declaration Your relaxed dressing would tell everyone that you are happy with your trends and enjoy casual. In any particular case, a casual dresser is relaxed and has kind hearts. Now that you've looked over the various shopping and wearing scenarios, where you fit. You are a daring, uncomfortable or you lack the confidence to leave the old and bring some new with Femme Luxe!

Black or White this Winter?

November and already tired of Winter? except maybe Shaun Palmer and Shane McConkey, a pro-snowboarder. Each glossy cover of Elle, Vogue and Mademoiselle this time of the year makes me dream about the look of one of these beautiful girls bundled up in a sweater and fluffy boots. Regrettably, something goes wrong every time I try to emulate the look of a magazine. However, with Femme Luxe, you can get your high street fashion look. Following my last winter fashion blog, I expressed different levels of winter fashion, different occasions and how to make your winter wardrobe stand out with Femme Luxe. Like a clever woman, in winter, I turn black amid the shouting in the high-fashion houses of the colour of us. Black looks amazing night or day and it takes a lot of thinking for a girl on the track. Black is the safest thing to conceal any defect, such as the defects caused by the consumption on Thanksgiving of an entire cheesecake. But black isn't just slimming; it's a wide range of accessories. Like this Black High Neck Ruched Side Bodycon Mini Dress, perfectly slimming, mix it up with a cute clutch, heels and hair flick you are good to go! However not only back, but even White, there are ways to make white look good at anybody time. Here is a great example, the Cream scoop neck ribbed long sleeve bodysuit with high waisted jeans. Not to forget Jewellery, women's preference this year is plenty of jewellery. The old foundation of diamonds can be reversed. Or you can try new sets of bright pearls and shells this season. They look fabulous and black, they can be as dressy and flare up as a diamond necklace. With a similar coloured necklace, you can also emphasize your eye colour. Nothing is nicer than a pair of silver, matching necklace, sapphire eyes. Femme Luxe has everything from jackets to dresses and more, what is your go-to winter colour?

Emily In Paris Season 2: Netflix Confirms New Season

Hello, Emily fans in Paris. The brand-new Netflix series by Younger and Sex and Darren Star maker of the city made us all love the city of lights, while Emily sought to find her foothold in France. Naturally, things weren't 100% as expected, but they are all part of Emily's charm in Paris. There was nothing Emily and her new colleagues didn't face from mad love triangles to job slip-ups. But what's next for Savoir's favourite staff? And for another mad season, are we going back to Paris? *Down below are Emily's big spoilers for season 1! * Here is what you must hear about Emily in Season 2 in Paris. Is season 2 happening? Fortunately for all of us, for another season Emily was officially renovated in Paris, Seventeen heard. Fans will get the opportunity to return with Emily to the City of Lights when she works for Savoir and figures out who she is meant to be with in Paris. When is Emily going to start shooting in Paris season 2? Emily in Paris won't start filming for some time because she was just renewed. Another important thing to recall is that the exhibition currently takes place in Paris. There's a risk that you can start filming immediately because a COVID-19 pandemic triggers some production delays. When is Emily going to be released in season 2 in Paris? It can be possible that Netflix will possibly follow its regular schedule for another season one year after its original release, depending on whether or not it will begin producing ASAP once again. In October 2021, this means that it will be back. Will Emily have to decide next season between Gabriel and Mathieu? The great cliffhanger left viewers for one season questioning who she was going to choose: Gabriel or Mathieu. Whilst we have our views on the subject, the cast and creators have their views on how it works. "[Emily is] making many difficult choices with a lot of men in her life. The main relationship, but also the primary relationship, with Gabriel, with Camille, with whom she became very good friends — and I think Emily's a kind of girl who would never want to betray a friend. "We haven't seen the promise of the relationship [Emily and Mathieu] yet. I think Emily's would have a surprising choice next season." Alert - BELOW READING CONTINUE How is Camille going to respond to Gabriel and Emily? Both of the BFFs (accidentally) shared a kiss and marched together in the streets of Paris, but will Camille and Emily still be close, after the news of what went with her has been revealed, and Gabriel? Camille Razat said to Collider: "I think it hasn't broken [sic] properly with me, which isn't a problem, that's not cool. And I don't feel that he has to look at me face-to-face and tell me why he's leaving me. "He has to articulate it correctly to me. He has to put it right." She was good to her, and she accepted her. And, I think that Camille will be nuts for a little bit, but she loves Emily," she continues. "Camille will not be mad, I hope. "As an adult, she'll just speak to her about it and try and explain why they're going to do it And how do they manage it Because of course, I think Camille wants Emily to stay with friends anyway." What is Emily going to be about in Paris season 2? No doubt we'll see more of Emily as she attempts to reconcile her brand new life in Paris with the chaos of Savoir. She has more work not only to convince Sylvie that she has everything she wants to work there, but also to make things complicated by her relationship with Mathieu. And Gabriel and Camille, who can forget. Antoine proved he bought Gabriel's restaurant to remain in Paris. He bought it. Speak about Uncomfortable, because they had sex with each other. Camille sent Emily a text of good news to make things even wilder, followed by a message "Can we talk?." Is she conscious of what has gone down? Or just want to talk to her American BFF about trying to find a way back with Gabriel? In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, founder Darren Star gave us a big clue. "I think they had a wonderful moment together, but what's the intention? That the idea that Gabriel thinking this was a farewell. But I don't think Gabriel would have split up with his girlfriend if he wasn't moving away. There's no way Emily would have been with Gabriel thinking that he was still with Camille. So I think that the question is where does it go from here? Where Emily is with Gabriel is unexpected. She's left at a very unexpected place," he said. "I feel that the relationship [Emily and Mathieu] is one that is right now He is committed to steaming forward, as far as he's concerned," she revealed." It seems we have to wait until the second season to find out who she prefers.

Top Tips For Good Nutrition This Thanksgiving

Many seem to cancel one another healthy food and a thanksgiving meal. However, a balanced dinner that is a joy to share with friends and family should be possible and even easy to make. Here are some ideas for keeping your meals safe too. Prepare a large selection of foodstuffs. Traditional stories of thanksgiving tell us foods with a wide variety of dishes that represent the histories of the many people who gathered and thanked. You receive a broader range of nutrients as a nutritional aid from a wide range of foods. You are much less vulnerable to a single form of food being overwhelmed. If you have time to cook a large number of dishes, several supermarkets sell prepared dishes which you can add to your different dishes. These dishes are typically made ingourmet grocery stores on location. Try some straightforward recipes. What about a basic green bean dish with a splash of salt from the sea rather than the compulsory green bean casserole with mushroom soup and fried onions? Substitute yams, fried in marshmallow butter and brown sugar, and make yams simpler. You can be shocked by the flavour of the initial ingredients. Pay attention to portion sizes. An optimal meal is served in all food groups with a wide range of different foods. Install smaller pieces of all that has been cooked instead of filling your plates with mashed potatoes. Follow the same protocol if you want second assistance. You will provide your organism with a more diverse collection of nutrients across a greater range of foods and you will also experience a wide variety of tastes. Speed yourself. Pace yourself. You probably have a little time if you don't call for surgery. Rather than leap straight into your second aid, take a quick break and use the dishes to burn a few calories. Your body can send you signs when you are full by eating more slowly. You can still consume them later if there are remains. Thank you for all the things we've got, is a time to be grateful. It is time for us to remember and think about the things we take for granted too many times in our lives. Sharing a meal with family and friends is a fantastic experience and is enjoyed by almost every community. Therefore please consume and share the food, but also consider the food you eat and be grateful and pay homage to the riches you must share.

Create your Winter Wardrobe with Femme Luxe

It's again this year with falling snowflakes, shopping, hot cups of coco and a cosy warm fireplace with sizzling blacks of coal. However, a closer look will reveal interesting insights into the latest winter fashion with Femme Luxe Fashion. Winter colours this year True to the season, soft white shades of snow appear to be a good choice for clothes which fuse with the theme of Winter. The black and different shades of bright black are a popular sharp contrast; while sluggish and muted greys give the season a warm and fluffy tone of a rich red to the mother maroon and strong berry red. For women, the tendency is to be shaped by earthy colours from deep shades of olives, maroons, browns, deep blues to chocolate browns, reds and even partners. Femme Luxe has some awesome fashion finds for your winter closet. For your cosy winter nights in with your girlfriends, the Nude 'Modern Day Antics' Slogan Print Joggers are super snug. These print joggers are a must-have, girl, with a luxurious slogan 'Modern Day Shenanigans,' high-tails style and a cuffed leg. Stand out for this off-duty cutie look and squad with a crop top and your favourite heels. When it comes to a night out during winter seasons why not try the Black zip up ribbed skirt. You will be fascinated with this coordinate, girl with a ribbed pattern with a zip-top and a matching high tinge-tone mini skirt. With the christmas winter parties why not slip into a sexier in this year's Brown Leopard Print Satin Ruched Side Slip Dress and score some major fashion points. Team with some killer heels and a mini bag to complete this look of the flames. Hair It can be a daunting task to choose the right style to follow with mode and season. You don't want to be seen last year and certainly not what is not currently the hottest rage. If you're trying to find the hairstyle that's what fashion models and fashion designers are selecting the year; it's time to let you go on that little secret, apparently the favourite trend this season appears to be women with their hair in the all-classic "Bob Cut." But i you like your long hair like i do, just the curvy waves to share the winter flare. Coats This season's coats have a good, thick look like sleeves and funnelled necklaces. This look is nice. Fish with broadly placed collars and rich furry texture were also included in the patterns. Jewellery Jewellery designs that highlight the winter season are wonderful to add to the silver snowflake pendants and big broaches such as the bunches of holly. Small silver bracelets and light but large earrings add to the effect. Therefore, make sure you watch these beautiful trends that will storm the country. And honestly, to make a statement you don't have to wear expensive designers. Some of these new designs will even be stored by your local shops. In this winter you will enjoy the trendy fashions and paint the city red! Visit Femme luxe and start gathering your perfect cosy winter wardrobe.

4 Helpful Things to Do to Start Your Personal Fitness Program

How to integrate fitness into your life is the most popular challenge that people I face. You know that you have to take shape, but your know-how. You know. Due to the abundance of knowledge there it can be discouraging. You don't know where to start, too much. There are so many food options in our culture that the extra pounds can easily be packed. Even our work every day is less physical than 100 years ago because we have sedentary lifestyles. We know that when we practice and clean up or diet, there are advantages. But none of us knows how or where to begin. Where are we to start, then? Or the question is: how are we to start? Choose to start exercising and eating properly The decision to do something gives you devotion to yourself. Deciding that you have to alter your actions provides new opportunities. It means anything when you tell yourself that I have to get in shapeî. You should answer these questions: when will I exercise? How do I need to do exercises? What foods do I have to eat? Think about the engagement you have just made. Only then can you let go of the past and take action. Often even a little faith in fashion will help you get inspired by 's best waist trainer. Take what you're doing You need a practical guide to your weekly job. Write down throughout the week what you do. This should include working hours, driving times, spending the nights with your partner, events for your child and everything else you might think of. What you do on weekends should also be included. Every day of the week, you can make a list. Some people set high targets for 2 hours a day, including workouts. It could be because of an old saying that More is Better. That's not the case, though. You can set reasonable deadlines by understanding your schedule and help you find some hours a week to start your practice. You would have a visual insight into what your routine can do and can't do. Study and Information Information Before they start a training program, many people do not have enough details. So how do we get the necessary information? The good news is that we live in the news era. Using your favourite search engine and learn some fitness and nutrition. Do not overboard, however, and lose sight. Find and take notes for a source of information you need. Find the quickest and effective workouts and tips on nutrition. Load yourself with details over. If you have the money, hire a personal trainer to help you start a few sessions. Recruiting a personal coach is an ideal way to get started when you dedicated yourself to finding someone. Your aim is to have the trainer illustrate the fundamentals of healthier exercise and eating. You could also learn how to do the exercises more safely (especially if you haven't worked for a while). Clear strategy development and practical goals Only keep it easy! Keep it simple! It is much simpler to follow a straightforward plan in a busy schedule than to follow an elaborate plan. You should have a calendar of all days to work and one target for the next few weeks to improve your eating habits. For instance, I'll be training 3 days this week for half an hour. Perform the strategy All you need to do is execute it now that you have a strategy. It's a huge change again. Every day when you wake you can look at your schedule. The wonderful day ahead of you you must be mentally prepared. Makes sure you get to feel comfortable with nice working shoes and even a thong shapewear bodysuit! With your regular routine in place, your goals for this day will be accomplished. If you finish your day's workout, highlight it or turn it off. It will illustrate that you have done anything for yourself. Whatever you have to execute, no matter what. This is the toughest (and most gratifying) point. I hope that these things will help you begin a new physical safe life. Life is full of choices, understanding of your responsibilities, information reception, preparation and implementation. Test yourself these techniques and you can find that getting your own diet and exercise is not as difficult or fetched as you think. To gather more tips on fitness programs check out Michaela Ulloa and for fashion feeling fab

SelfCare During COVID-19: Keep Your Mind and Body Healthy

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down. Social distancing measures, self-isolation recommendations and the concept of a "new normal" can easily make one feel stressed or overwhelmed by it all. Anxiety is a natural response to the current pandemic but it can be exhausting physically and mentally. Instead of allowing heavy feelings and burdensome thoughts wear you out, it helps to practice some self-care while you stay at home. Whether it's pampering yourself with a well-deserved bath (complete with your favorite whitening body scrub, of course) or reading a book, practicing some #selflove can help you weather the effects of the pandemic (within the safety of your home). Catch Up on Sleep The first order of business: prioritize quality sleep - your immune system and mood are counting on it. When it comes to caring for your health, sleep is ALWAYS part of the solution. Getting quality sleep empowers your immune system, keeping it at its best so it can fight off infections, similar to the one caused by COVID-19. Sleep is also one of the best ways to keep your stress levels at bay. When you are sleep deprived, you are more sensitive to the negative effects of stress (e.g. overreactions). Finally, your brain needs sleep to function well. Without quality sleep, you'll be easily distracted, impatient and prone to making poor decisions. Plus, you'll be irritable, moody and emotional. Stay Active Spending more time at home doesn't give you a free pass for the 24/7 Couch Potato life. Regular physical activity keeps both your body and mind in shape. In terms of physical health, it reduces your risk for chronic health issues, such as COVID-10. On the other side of the spectrum, exercise also releases endorphins (aka the happy hormones), sharpen your focus and helps you get some quality sleep. When you exercise regularly, you reduce your risk for mood disorders while empowering yourself with boosts of happy energy. If you're not a big fan of HIIT and other gym-like training, skip, jump and dance - get silly and fun with your exercise. Do anything that keeps you moving. Say No to Mindless Snacking Since you're often at home, you are always within close range of the fridge or snack drawer. Snacking might seem like the best form of self-care, but it's not the healthiest. Instead of always satisfying your appetite, avoid mindless snacking. Rather than impose strict rules on off-limit food items, practice intuitive eating. It's not very limiting like a regular diet. Instead, it focuses on giving your body what it needs when it needs it. Listen to your body and pay attention to what you need at the moment. Is it time for a snack or a meal? Eat when you feel hungry, not when you're bored. Stop eating when you're full and eat again when your stomach asks you to. Give Yourself a Meditation Break You don't need a special place for this one: you can meditate anytime, anywhere. When you meditate, you focus your mind for a certain time. Think of it as a short and quiet break from work and chores. When you practice meditation, you reduce your stress levels, as well as ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Meditation also gives you space to reflect and regulate negative thinking. If you're looking for another way to combat stress, add meditation to your to-do list for the day. Deep breathing combined with a couple of meditation apps can help you build a bubble of calm. Call a Family Member or a Friend Everyone's practicing social distancing right now. But that doesn't mean you can't talk or see any of your loved ones. Thanks to technology, you can still stay in touch with your family and friends. Make it a habit to talk to someone, even if it's online. Talking to someone helps you release pent-up emotions due to current anxieties. A loved one will not just only listen to your problems; they can also offer advice, insight and encouragement - words that will affirm you. Make Time for Doing Things You Love Most people are working remotely at home. Work from home is convenient but the lines between work and home become blurred. There are times you end up working overtime or trying to combine chores with work-related tasks. At the end of the day, you're exhausted. Give yourself a break. Don't hesitate to do things that reduce your stress levels. Binge-watch Christmas Friends episodes, play Among Us with friends or read a book to quiet your mind. No matter what your go-to de-stress activity is, dedicate a portion of your time to it. Even the best people need a break. COVID-19 may have turned the world upside down, but it doesn't have to do the same to you. Give yourself some extra love by practicing the self-care tips mentioned above and stay safe.

Rock Stars, Music Icons, Alcohol, and Drug Overdose

There is a saying that rock and roll stars live on the edge and drive in the fast lane. Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, and Michael Hutchence of INXS did just that. They were music icons who lived on the edge. Sad to say, their fame and fortune also led to their untimely deaths. What's more alarming is these stars die a few years after achieving fame. News of rock stars and other music icons dying young is alarming because their deaths are associated with substance overdose. A recent study conducted in Liverpool John Moores University showed that 1,050 American and European artists or so-called ìiconsî died earlier than average people. Of the 100 stars that died from 1956 to 2005, majority of these American ìmusic iconsî died at the age of 42 on average, while those from Europe passed away at 35 years of age. The reason? Unhealthy lifestyle, improper diet, drug addiction, and alcohol and substance abuse. In addition, part of the dilemma is living with the stress and anxiety associated with fame. According to the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, drug and alcohol are the primary causes of many deaths of music stars, which accounted for one in every four deaths. Alcohol damages the body in many ways. It can affect the brain and can lead to poor coordination, faulty judgment, slowed reflexes, distorted vision, memory lapses, and blackouts. Alcohol can damage many organs in the body. It is absorbed directly in the bloodstream and raises the risk of acquiring life-threatening ailments like cancer. Extremely high doses of alcohol can even cause alcohol poisoning, coma, or even death. It is a fact that many celebrities and music personalities are involved in the repeated and excessive use of drugs and substances. High doses of many illegal drugs can cause immediate life-threatening problems like heart attack, respiratory failure, and coma. The combination of drugs and alcohol is extremely dangerous. In addition, some drugs can have dangerous interactions with alcohol. The human body can only handle so many toxins at once, this is the reason why illegal drugs should not be taken with alcohol. There are times that drug can chemically interact with alcohol, when taken with alcohol it disperses faster in the bloodstream and takes effect faster. These are the reasons why alcohol and drug overdose is one of the leading cause of death among music icons and many individuals. The number of rock stars who died and are dying at a young age is the cause of alarm for society because many artists are influential among children and young people. They want to be like themóthe rock gods. The young people hero-worship them. They buy their albums, watch their concerts, and even try to dress like them. A lot of young people want to be like rock stars. They want fame, money, and other expensive stuff. Young people of today want to be rock stars more than anything else. They want to sing loud songs, strum the guitars to produce loud music and beat the drums real hard. The young people want to experience the euphoria that these rock icons claim they feel whenever they're on stage. Sad to say, all the fame, fortune, and money were not able to change the fact that many rock stars and music icons died early. Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain, and Michael Hutchence What went wrong? Were they overwhelmed by the fame that they lost control of reality and turned to drugs and other banned substances? It is clear that these rock stars were not happy at all. Death in some ways makes people more interesting and famous than they were still alive. However, dead rock stars are reminders of the pain and depression that may take place as side effects of fame.

Do you have what it takes to win The X-Factor?

If you're going to have the slightest chance of getting into an audition for The X-Factor, or American Idol, you'll need to know a little bit about the resources you're going to need to get ahead of tens of thousands of other pop stars. Attitude! Attitude! Having a positive, healthy attitude towards your target could be the most important asset you can have to become wealthy and famous. Don't make the fatal mistake of having it in your mind that "you're a natural star" means, "you're sure to succeed." If that's your mentality, then you're headed for a fall, long before you start to become a contender. Humility! Humility! It's always worth noting that thousands of people would be much better than you. Musically, they're better accomplished, mentally, they look better; but what 99% of this hopeless lack is "HUMILITY!" Yeah, that's right. Ask yourself a question: Do you like people full of self-importance? "No? Well, that's a good start. Nobody likes a smart-ass who thinks they are streets ahead of the competition. 9 out of 10 people that think this way hide behind a curtain that hides their insecurity. In short, it's a put-on, bravado, call it what you like. It certainly pays to be modest. Understand your talents and be yourself! Understanding your talents is crucial. There are many people who want to aspire to great heights, as their own pop hero, whether it's Britney Spears, Barry Manilow, Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, the list is endless. What's important for you to get to grips with right now is that these pop stars, celebrities, megastars, call them what you're calling them. "They don't claim to be YOU when they perform, so don't pretend to be them by emulating their style. Talent show scouts won't give you a second look at you sound-like or sing in the style of an already-established pop figurehead. We've all been to a Karaoke evening at one time or another. Right? Karaoke hailed from Japan, the idea being that anyone could get up and sing to a pre-recorded music track that embedded the lyrics, meaning the singer would sing along to the pre-produced karaoke tracks, reading the words on a TV screen to accompany the vocal output. For the better part, it inspires people to get on their feet and sing to an assembled crowd,-mostly in public houses, who wouldn't usually have the confidence to do so, aside from singing in the toilet. On the one hand, however, it's fair to say that Karaoke is a decent source of musical recreation; the downside is that Karaoke events have often been responsible for producing a multitude of "would-be pop stars" that in fact have no greater chance of being the pop idol they imitate as I took the Pope out to a Rave party. That's my point. Karaoke is perfect for the vocal technique,-but that's it. Again, MUST be yourself! Keep concentrated, work hard to build a distinctive style to demonstrate your vocal ability. I know I'm saying this, but don't try to imitate the original song artist you're hoping to perform at your audition. If you do, all the advice I've given so far would waste time. Choose a song that suits your style, telling you something. Practice the song again and again until you feel completely relaxed with the song's vocal range (low notes and high notes), if you think you can't sing the low or high notes with consistency and definition,-move on to another song. And I mean moving to another album! Ok, the most suitable song may not be your first and common option, but you're more likely to do justice when you need it. Ok, let's say you've selected your best album. You need to think about YOU and your IMAGE. Again, don't slip into the pit of emulating your own pop idols look and dress sense. Remember: they're special in what they do and how they dress. You MUST do the same,-build your own style and dress code. Slightly understated is fine. You certainly deserve to be remembered for your positive attitude, unique vocal ability, and impeccable styling. I hope you succeed in getting on TV and winning The X-factor, or American Idol. Please let me know if the information I gave you on the road to stardom.

Winter Wardrobe sales with Femme Luxe!

Winter is upon us, time to put away those short shorts, sexy tops and stunning sandals and bring out the jumpers, jeans and jackets! We have found countless ways of "improving" our self appearance. These ways could be makeup, hair dye, breast implants, clothing, or anything else that can alter the way you look. In my opinion, these are not all necessary, but who am i kidding? These are pretty cool inventions. However now with winter here, femme has some awesome outfits to boost your confidence and looks without going too far! Black Knitted Long Cardigan This Black Knitted Long Cardigan is what everyone wants. With soft knitted fabric and long sleeve, this cardi is the ideal cover for any chilly night. This cardigan is the ultimate piece to finish your home combo stay. Featuring a long-sleeved cream knit material with maxi length. Style all that with a top crop to finish the look. Lilac Check Print Oversized Button Up Pocket Shacket Shake down your 'drobe and nail with the Lilac Search Print Oversized Button Up Pocket Shacket. Showcasing a cozy oversized fit in a check print material, metal popper button up fastenings and self-fabric patch pocket, this shackle gives us big heart eyes, boy. Team with a crop top, matching hue cuffed joggers and your favorite kicks we can't get enough of. Cream Knitted Bat Wing Mini Jumper Dress Score some major fashion points in the Cream Knitted Bat Wing Mini Jumper Dress. With a mini fit knitted pattern, team this gorj 's dress with some knee highs. You can also see some awesome past summer deals and great price knocks on their site!

Youtube Gamers - Neebs talk life in the limelight, games and team banter

We're back with another must-have excellent YouTuber channel interview, introducing YouTube’s top Gamers Neeb's gaming Starting it all, Brent Triplett – (Neebs) is better known for the extremely tall tree he created in Minecraft. Bryan Mahoney — (Simon) the popular couldn't get off the horse forages in Minecraft. Nate Panning — (Doraleous) best southeastern boom operators besides landing acting roles in many films and T.V. Shows. Tony Schnur – (Thick44), i.e. answering outstanding team questions! He has a career as a voice-over artist and has rapidly turned into doing on-camera roles, with such significant credits as Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill and Under the Dome. And last of all Jon Etheridge – a writer, voice actor, artist, animator and producer on many animation websites. Since 2014, they've been around and now with 2,000,000 users and hundreds of videos! The squad of 5 best play sharing, tips and tricks in the world's youtube video game channel. In 2018 they partnered with CAA and added to the increasing game developer roster announced in Dec. 2018 with Neebs Gaming's signing — a developer squad of five-voice actors, comedians and animators. They're playing Battlefield 4, GTA, Minecraft, and new releases. Bring class comedy and relationship sharing which will leave you in stitches. I'm mad about these games that they play. Neebs created the animated fantasy parody Doraleous & Associates and a feature-length animated film called Toonstone, digitally downloaded. The guys also worked as voice actors in the Battlefield franchise, the Indie hit Subnautica, and the long-running YouTube series, Finished, furnishing animated parody endings for classic movie pictures. Hence their videos' amazing cinematic features. Tony, i.e. (Thick) took the time to answer several questions for those who speak to the team about "Neebs Gaming," tricks and banter. So let's get started! Thanks so much Tony for taking the time, you must have lots on. What would you do if you didn't do this? "I would want to be a college or NFL football scout. I played football for many years and it still has a pretty special place in my life." Ah nice, what is the best comment you've ever received? "That I'm not as short as Neebs has made me out to be. Or anytime someone says that we've gotten them through tough times. It's honestly the best part of what we do. " I can imagine, that’s super powerful as well as what you do are making people laugh and learn! How did you come up with the name? "Neebs Gaming came from a character in our animated series Doraleous & Associates. Neebs who was played by Brent had such a similar tone to The Noob from Battlefield Friends that we felt it fit pretty well." What about out of all the games you've played, what do you rate the best? (Hard I know) "There's so many but Bad Company 2, Final Fantasy 7, and GTA San Andreas were my favorites. " Who is your favourite YouTuber and why? "How It Should've Ended always has me laughing. Solid content!" What is the best piece of advice you could give a newbie? " Have a vision for what you want to do, be consistent, and deliver with quality. " Sweet, from start to finish, how long would it take you to edit, play and create one video?" It takes about a week on a cinematic video." Do love the audio in the clips as well as the screen shots. Have you a favourite?" Right now our new animated series Duty Calls is my favorite." So a fun little question for you all, if each of you were an animal what would you be? "Neebs would be a gazelle, Simon would be an orangutan, Dora would be an Octopus, Appsro would be a raccoon, and I would be an elephant. " Haha love it, What made you start this channel? "We just enjoy making our own content, telling our own stories, and making people laugh." What's next up for you all?" More animation, can't tell you what it is but just know there will be more." Awesome, thanks so much for taking the time! Can't wait to see more you have in store, however a lot of your stuff I can just re-watch. Having recently released the Call of Duty Warzone Animation: Duty Calls - No Trophy Vehicle, they have so much action going on! Let me know your thoughts on your favourite videos! Check out some of their videos and subscribe if you haven't. They also have some cool merchandise to check out here!

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