What is Peta? Why it matters

People have different reasons for a vegetarian diet. For many, it's a health problem. They need to lose weight, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, control blood sugars. A vegetarian diet benefits them.

For some, consuming animal products is often a moral and ethical choice. Over the years, we have become accustomed to seeing man as superior to all other animals on the earth. We use animals for food, clothes, shoes, belts, etc. We use it for experimental experiments. We discount their position on earth and see animals here to support us and our needs.

PETA stands for Citizens for Animal Humane Care, which is an association committed to transforming human mentality. They are against using animals for food or clothing, particularly for what they consider the unnecessary or especially inhumane use of animals, such as killing or trapping them for their fur.

Passionate about their cause. In their own terms, PETA claims animals have rights and deserve consideration for their best interests, regardless of whether they are beneficial to humans. Like you, they're willing to suffer and have an interest in living their own lives, but they're not ours to use — for food, clothes, entertainment, exploration, or any other purpose.

We are an advanced culture. But how advanced can a culture survive on animal suffering? In his excellent novel, When Elephants Cry, author Jeffrey Masson examines animals' emotional lives and offers convincing evidence. As a species, we must begin to re-evaluate our position on this planet and where we fit in relation to any other organism inhabiting it. PETA believes this and is a passionate champion of animal rights.

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