The Malta Bucket List

We all have a bucket list, some with small missions others with life-changing experiences. I thought the best thing to do is create the MALTA bucket list.

I'm slowly getting the chance to experience all kinds of different and fun adventures. Different flavours, Maltese weddings and the heat and humidity of this tiny island. Here is a list of must-tries.

Visit Popeyes Island

Who can't love Popeye? Popeye Village, also known as Sweethaven Village, may look like a few rustic, dilapidated buildings, but it's much more. Over the years, the 1980 musical "Popeye" filmset has come a long way. It's a fun attraction for young children and young at heart (me!!). Visitors are welcomed by none other than Popeye and his friendly friends who might just let you be the day's movie star. There are water trampolines, indoor swimming, boat rides, sunbathing and adult wine (now you're speaking a language I can understand!). Eat your spinach, walkover.

Eat a pastizzi

A popular fast-food is a savoury pastry called pastizzi. This tasty treat is usually packed with mushy peas or ricotta (the latter was my favourite!). There's plenty of pastizzeria to catch a fast one at, but one of the best known is Rabat's Crystal Palace, where a crispy cheese snack will cost you a whopping 30 cents. It's a small hole in the wall where locals hang out, adding to the charm.

Swim in the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a large "swimming pool" worthy of a postcard. This water lover's paradise is located on Comino Island. It's under four square kilometres away, car-free and practically uninhabited. That, and the azure waters draw a crowd of day-trippers, so get there early!

LINES VICTORIA Known as Malta's Great Wall

This 12-kilometre fortification separated the island's north and south. Founded by the British army, it used to be a shield against north-invading enemies. You can take a nice walk along the fortifications and across Malta 's island. It's one of the country's most spectacular, peaceful walking trails!

Discover the Haunted Side of Valletta

Valletta offers many fun activities, but the Haunted tour through the capital of Malta is no more fun and spooky. When the darkness is over the town, it transforms into a labyrinth of sunny streets and fantastic shades. Book here and learn the deepest secrets of Valletta if you're brave enough.

Eat Fish in Marsaxlokk

Marsaxlokk (pronounced Marsa-schlock) is a traditional fishing village where colourful boats clutter the bay with fresh fish restaurants on the shore. Famous among visitors, it's best to go to Marsaxlokk on Sunday when the local fish market sells morning catch. You can make your purchases to cook at your leisure, or pick one of the many restaurants on the roadside to indulge in a selection of the most excellent fish.

Red Tower The watchtowers

Designed by the Knights of Malta in the 17th century are part of the entire coast of Malta. However, St. Agatha's Tower stands out among the crowd. Locals named it the Malta Red Tower simply because the reconstruction process was painted in red colour. Built between 1647-1649, it was used as a means of communication between Gozo and Valletta and overlooking the islands of Gozo and Comino. During the British time, it retained its military role and was also used by the Malta Armed Forces as a radar station. Today, the tower is operated by volunteers and houses a fascinating exhibition and one of Malta's best viewpoints from its top. On the way to Gozo ferry terminal, it is conveniently located.

Hike the shores of Dingli Cliffs, Malta

Malta is a beautiful country, full of beautiful landscapes and spectacular places to see. If you want to experience spectacular panoramic coastal views, make sure to head to the Dingli Cliffs. In our aquarium, the first area is about the Dingli Cliffs, the same exact cliffs not far from Dingli village. Located on Malta's west coast, at 253 meters above sea level, the Dingli Cliffs are the island's highest portion. The cliffs became a popular destination for tourists visiting Malta, going for a quiet walk overlooking Filfa and the Mediterranean Sea.

XWEJNI SALTS The Xwejni Salt Pans

Near Marsalforn on Gozo's north coast. In Malta, those small, rock-cut salt pans stretch about 3 km along the coast build this beautiful hidden gem. During the Phoenician and Roman times, they 're still in use today! Scraping salt crystals is a tradition passed down for many generations. A thing you can also witness in the summertime. Oh, and as a bonus; the sea in a backdrop is a beautiful view!


The Coral Lagoon is a hidden cave located near the Little Armier Bay in Il-Mellie. It's a typical diver's spot because of its crystal clear waters. From Little Armier Bay, you can walk or kayak and swim in this rare, real beauty of nature! Many people leap off the top of the cave but be careful because the rocks around the lagoon are pretty rough and can cut you. Better walking with sneakers or water shoes. Malta 's secret gem!

Drink Cisk beer

Malta’s locally brewed beer, there are several types to choose from according to your taste.

Fontanella Eater cake– Fontanella

A must for anyone visiting Malta. It is situated above the bastions of Mdina. The view on the island is also unexpected, and they make a mean Irish coffee if you feel particularly adventurous with some of the finest and most delicious pastries and cakes to ever pass through your lip. After finishing off your treat, you will discover the rituals of the Silent Town and the history of Rabat 's Roman Cathedral and Catacombs.

Learn how to make bizilla

Let's begin with the practical part after some theory and history of lace making. What you get first are some threads and bobbins. The thread has to be threaded around the top of the spool. This way the lace maker will better maneuver the thread around the pins (combini). Various thread types used in Malta's lace production can be found. Many of them use silk, while others use fine linen.

Relax on Golden Bay Beach & Għajn Tuffieħa Bay

Situated in the north west of the island, Garadjn Tuffie San Golden Bay and Beach are two unbelievably gorgeous beaches. Thanks to its broad dimensions and pure elegance, two of Malta's most famous places to spend a warm summer day are undoubtedly. The sand is safe, the water is going to die and everyone is happy enough. Restaurants, snack bars, sports beaches, bathroom equipment & parasols. See both beaches from the above cliffs. It's good!

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