Tell Me All About Options For Wedding Cakes

Now is the time for the wedding; now it is a black tuxedo for a conventional marriage; a white robe for it, multi-layer cakes to fit the guests, and flower bouquets to unite them all. Some brides are searching for something else than the wedding textbook.

Their big day could be more unique with small changes than the traditional wedding- plus one that its guests know. The cake is one of the most common forms of tweaking weddings. There are just as many different options for wedding cakes as there are brides. Isnít is what makes a wedding special!

Why not try a cupcake wedding cake if you want to push the envelope? This choice gives a comfortable, flexible cake that can be different in colours and flavours, but it's not as hard to find these days as it sounds. While it is a new concept about the conventional need for cake, most bakers nowadays have an innovative and unexpected substitute, wedding cake cupcakes.

If your appetite isn't a wedding cake cupcake, why not go for a wedding doughnut cake? This original cake is a collection of doughnuts that are frozen separately and deliver a range of flavours. Each doughnut is shaped in a festive way-usually to look like a cake. For a couple wishing something different from the traditional marriage cake, the doughnut wedding cake may be missed. It's not only lovely and original, but some people even prefer cake to doughnuts.

Another way to spice up your marriage is to make the traditional cake around a water fountain. This romantic aspect of your special day is something people would ponder for years to come. The sweeping sounds of the water and the added light give your wedding a distinct look and presentation.

Another thing to note is that not all cakes have to be white with frosting buttercream. Almost every taste is possible from white, yellow to chocolate, from cheesecake to pumpkin, from carrot to red sunflower.

It is also helpful to use a variety of cake flavours for each cake layer. Frost can also have a different taste from regular buttercream. You can also have any frosting flavour and any colour. Some brides choose a frosting colour to match the bridesmaid's dresses or to complement the colour of the cake.

It won't always be a black or white choice to choose your cake. While light colours like ivory and white still hold the norm, almost any colour you can imagine can be produced with the aid of a pastry chef. Picture a dark frosting with abundant flowers or leaves spread all over the cake. The colour will add to the cake energy, creativity, texture and interest. Best of all, the possibilities are nearly infinite.

And now you have found that you have choices for your wedding cake. You can play with the colour, the scent, the form, and now you can play the shape as well. Wedding cakes are usually oval, stacked layers, smaller to the top to make a circular cake pyramid.

Now that this has long been the norm, you may change tradition to meet your wishes. Cakes can also be installed in any manner and stacked at any angle.

Some cakes have staggered layers, like a brick pattern, some stack identical layers straight up, like a tower, and some cakes are made with layers that have been cut at an angle to give the appearance that the cake is about to topple over! Cakes can be made to resemble a beautifully wrapped present, an animal, a tree, flower, building, people, letters or any other combination of shapes and angles.

When the wedding day comes, the bride and groom should have a cake which is exactly what they want; whether it is a convenient cupcake cake, an unorthodox doughnut cake, or a combination of the right colours and shapes to create a cake which resembles them in every possible way by the help of an experienced pastry chef.

The ëoohís and ëahhís will fill delighted guests with the perfect cake in their dream day, and the wedding is not soon forgotten.

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