Maltese Recipes

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

I have been in Malta for about two years almost, the food, the sun and the lifestyle are so different than being back home in Edinburgh. One thing I have loved is the food, its unique. Maltese cooking reflects Maltese history; it indicates substantial Italian and English impacts just as Spanish, French, Maghrebin, Provençal, and other Mediterranean foods.

Here is a list of some must-tries!

Froga tat-tarja – Verrmicelli Omlette

By International Cuisine


Via Malta Today



By The Compulsive Traveller

Green peppers stuffed with Rice

By A Maltese Mouthful

Rabbit Stew

By Living Malta

Lampuki Pie

By Little Rock

Ħobż biż-Żejt

By Taaable

Spinach And Tuna Pie

By I Love Food

Maltese Kapunata

By I Love Food Malta

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