Hearty Cabbage Soup Recipe

It's getting chilly and nothing feels better than some fresh homemade cabbage soup, super easy and filling.

All you need is

- 6 large green onions

- 2 green peppers

- 1 or 2 cans of tomatoes (diced or whole)

- 3 Carrots

- 1 Container (10 oz. or so) Mushrooms

- 1 bunch of celery

- Half a head of cabbage

- 1 package Lipton soup mix

- 1 or 2 cubes of bouillon (optional)

- 1 48oz can V8 juice (optional)

- Season to taste with salt, pepper, parsley, curry, garlic powder, etc.

So simply, slice green onions put in a pot and start cooking. Cut the green pepper stem end off and cut in half, take the seeds and membrane out. Cut the green pepper into bite-size pieces and add to the pot. Take the outer leafs layers off the cabbage, cut into bite-size pieces, add to the pot. Clean carrots, cut into bite-size pieces and add to the pot. Slice mushrooms into thick slices, add to the pot. If you would like a spicy soup, and add a small amount of curry or cayenne pepper now. You can use beef or chicken bouillon cubes for seasonings. These have all the salt and flavours you will need. Use about 12 cups of water, cover and put heat on low. Let soup cook for a long time - two hours works well. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

This is the recipe I found, and from speaking to several people this is my conclusion: if you stick to the plan, it can work for you, yet this whole cabbage soup business is for those who can appreciate it. As for me, I truly believe that one should consume not only what would make his loose weight, but also something that would taste good! What would be the point of suffering if your final goal is to feel good? I think that one should enjoy not only the result but also the process!

Try this cabbage soup recipe. You will not regret it. There aren't a lot of tasty and healthy foods like cabbage soup.

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