3 Tips For Hiring Musicians For An Event

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, we have all dreamt of being at parties and events again. The idea of all our friends in the same room, laughing, talking and dancing is honestly enough to bring a tear to people’s eyes at this point, isn’t it?

If you are already planning an event for the end of this year or the beginning of 2022, you might be considering the details already. Venues, artists, caterers and guests will be getting booked up fast as people scramble to book delayed events from 2020 and 2021. It’s time to start nailing down the smallprint and get organised.

When it comes to hiring people for an event, one of the most important decisions is about the music. The music choice and musicians can make or break a party, so it’s crucial that you get it right.

Here are 3 tips for hiring musicians for your next event!

Go with recommendations

Live musicians for events are great additions to an event, and the best way to figure out who would fit the best is to take recommendations from various sources. Musicians thrive on recommendations and word of mouth, even in the digital age.

Here are a few trusted sources from which to get recommendations of musicians and bands.

  • Websites and reviews. Musicians with their own site, like Joey Armstrong of SMWRS, are trustworthy because previous clients can write reviews and recommendations for them online.

  • Word of mouth, from friends or family. If you have friends and family who have hired musicians for events in the past, and have had a positive experience from a certain band, DJ or singer, you can trust this recommendation.

  • Event planners. Event planners at your chosen venue or agency will often have a list of musicians they have worked with who are trustworthy and talented.

Trust the musician to do their job

There’s nothing worse than telling someone in an industry you’re unfamiliar with, how to do their job. It will only breed bad energy between you and the musician you have hired, which isn’t a great thing to have on your hands at a party. It’s important to trust the musician to do their job when they arrive at the event. This doesn’t mean you can’t make requests, but it’s best to leave them to their own process.

Don’t mess around with payment

As the client, your job is to pay the freelancer on time and without dispute. Those who work in the gig economy sometimes have a hard time negotiating payment from clients, and due to the fact they are self employed, they can struggle to stand their ground in a dispute. Make sure you agree to the fee before the event, and the time in which it should be paid. This will avoid messy disputes and arguments down the line.

Final Thoughts

Looking to hire musicians for your next event? Use this guide to help you navigate the do’s and don’ts of this experience!

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