Thinking About Going Vegan? Here's Where To Start

As we change and develop through life, so do our tastes when it comes to what we eat and drink, and in the past few years, as veganism has gone from a fringe movement to the centre of mainstream consciousness, many of us have found ourselves wondering what it could do for us. We hear stories of energy levels rising, improved health and a way of eating which fits our moral standards. So if you're thinking that veganism might be for you, what do you need to know?

It Doesn't Have To Be All Or Nothing

There's something about a vegan lifestyle which makes us think that it always has to be a binary choice - either we are vegans or we aren't. But that kind of thinking can put people off trying it, thinking they would have to make a full commitment. Not everyone goes vegan overnight - it can be a far longer journey with a number of different steps along the way. Make small changes to your every day meals so that it doesn't feel so intimidating - try gradually upping the amount of plant-based foods you're eating in a week until it feels far more familiar and manageable to make the switch.

Understand Your Reasoning

One thing you should never do is go into veganism just because it seems like a trend - those efforts are bound to end in failure. There's no doubt that giving up that bacon sandwich is going to be hard occasionally, so you have to be clear on the reasons that you want to pursue a vegan lifestyle. It can be as simple as wanting to honour your body by eating a healthier diet. It could be a concern for animal welfare or the ethical implications of eating animal produce. Or it could even be with a view to the planet and the adverse effects of meat production on the environment. Whatever your motivation, understanding that and being able to focus on it will drive you to succeed- so seek out sources like these 16 must watch vegan documentaries to gather all the facts.

Eat A Rainbow

You may have heard that vegans find it hard to get all the right nutrients that our bodies need - but that doesn't have to be true. The key is to aim for variety in the types of plant-based foods that you eat. Take care to try and 'eat a rainbow' each day - as many different coloured vegetables, fruits, pulses, nuts and seeds as you can. The diversity in your diet will give you all the vitamins and nutrients your system needs, just make sure you're constantly eating different things.

Find Your Favourites

Becoming a vegan makes you very creative - if you're craving something you can't have, there is almost certainly a vegan alternative out there floating around on the web. Search for vegan alternatives to popular recipes and there is a wealth of information out there. Plus, you can find some new favourites to add to your life as well. You'll soon be embracing your inner chef!

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