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So I have just turned 29, I know right! Crazzzzy, but I still keep my style and it fits my personality, I am always one that sticks with what I know, pink, baggy and unique, But you will be so surprised trying out a new colour or completely new style you never would have thought of, thats the beauty of it! I have teamed up with Femme Luxe again (Cause honestly think it's safe to say, the stuff they have is ammmmmazing!) The fact they even ship out to Malta like amazing!

Here are a few latest add ons to my lovely collection of Femme outfits!

First up is this Rolled Sleeves Shirt Dress. I loved the previous one which you can see here, I had to get it in another color as it fits so well, and is breezy! Something you can wear for a night out or event casual for a meal, shopping with friends, just add some heels or pumps and you are good to go! You can see more options and colors @femmeluxefinery & #Luxegal.

This Black Glitter Mesh Long Sleeve Top is super cute, you can wear it with just about anything, I moved my styled into it a bit with the big punky hair bow, fixed with high waisted shorts and big skater vans to give it that cute punk rock princess look. If thats not your style you can mix it up with a cute skirt or even and nice pair of light washed high waisted jeans and sandals to give you that cute summer party/living feel.

Ok when I saw this i just fell in love, the White Satin Neck Tie Blouse - the bow, you know how much i love bows, its super comfy not to mention no matter your structure you can make it work, such a great everyday office look but you can pimp it out as well with some cute little shorts, heels and a clutch.

Have a look at the collections and offers they have, always updating and creating some great stuff, @femmeluxefinery & #Luxegal.

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