DIY Gifts For Pet Lovers

People don't sort-of like their pets, they love them. So there is very little as lovely as when people take that into consideration when it comes to gift-giving. It might be the giving of gifts for a reason - like Christmas or birthdays, or it might be the giving of gift just because you want to. Whatever it is, you would do well to do something that includes them and their pet. If you are terrible at DIY, worry not, you can find excellent pet art opinions online.


Dogs and cats love to play, so giving them something to play with that is eco-friendly, and a homemade is a double whammy. Cats love to play with quick-moving, feathery toys. If you are on a budget or want to create something super simple, then think cork! You could, of course, collect all of the cork needed yourself, but that might be a bottle of wine too many. Thread around 5 corks on to a decently thick thread. You’ll need a pretty long needle for this too! Then, with a bag of feathers (a mix of sizes is perfect for this) - nothing dyed - push the point of the feather into random corks. It will bounce, roll and sway if hung up. You can add bells to if you are feeling fancy.

Photo by Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash

Dogs might need something a little firmer. Use old t-shirts and plait them together, they become a pretty tough pulling rope. Speaking of rope, it’s super tough, and you can turn it into a tremendous sized ball to play with.


Every pet owner knows, when they are sitting snacking their dog will be somewhere in the vicinity desperate to get their mouths around the tasty morsels. So creating a treat that your human friend can share with their dog friend safely is a bit lovely.

Sweet potato cut into strips and baked for a while in the oven is going to be ideal. They are sweet, not unhealthy, and they don’t need any seasoning at all.

There are other options for homemade dog treats too.

For cats, you can make tuna biscuit snacks. Combine tuna, and egg and some whole wheat flour. Roll out the mixture, and then cut out little shapes. Bake them for about 20 minutes, and you have an enormous box of homemade snacks!

Food Bin

Not everyone loves to have plastic bags of cat or dog food hanging around in their cupboard. You can create something unique by picking up a plain metal food bin and some metal paint. Pick a colour scheme that works with your friend's decor. Having a different coloured lid is a really cool touch. You can then stencil on the name of the pet, and go the extra mile and fill it up with food.

When it comes to people who love their pets, you can take that into consideration when you buy gifts to get them something that is going to be used, is very thoughtful and they will both appreciate it.

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