4 Outfits For Finding Your Fashion

With the beautiful Femme Luxe Fashion present again, summer is here, time to bring out the summer clothing! In every woman's wardrobe, we need the following, from Lace to summer dresses and Denim skirts are essential wardrobes among some of the normal everyday needs. Since most of you know I'm mixing up my fashion, I'm not the high street every day, I'm twisting my style to create well.... me the punky, pretty, preppy and punk vibe, I'm making every out fit work for all occasions through it all, so here's some excellent tips. Something a few scottish bloggers would be interested in for sure!

Here are the list of my July just must haves!


You can wear denim with everything "Remember the days girls wore jeans under dresses?!", regardless of a skirt or not! But with a skirt you can blend it and combine it with sooo much more, bringing in some beautiful patterned tights, and a classic coat in cooler months, it will look good with bare legs in spring and summer, and ballet flats or ankle boots or even some funky platform pumps to give you the chic feel of LA Summer! Or turn a hat and strappy sandals, colourful accessoires and you have a great collaboration of summer and style, they have a variety at @femmeluxefinery & #Luxegal.


This is just stunning, every girl loves to have and need to have a smart, classy, sexy and feel good outfit! Welcome the Strapless Black Mesh Mini Dress! It fits so well with everything, for a nice night out on the town with some girlfriends, wearing some loud pop heels and cute matching handbag with a cute blazer, will for sure get the eyes watching for sure, it fits so well, for all body types and is super comfortable. @femmeluxefinery & #Luxegal.


Think of tartan trousers as the Bermuda triangle of trends as it's difficult to get lost while styling them. I'm in love with highly tailored products, something about covering the tummy, feeling all pulled in, and let's be straightforward with some heels and a lovely blouse you look tall and sophisticated. When you style a questionable display, it is sometimes less challenging to select one color from the print and utilize that palette for your embellishments. See some more of their tartan outfits they have here at @femmeluxefinery & #Luxegal.


So this lace black mesh bodysuit is a looker, its sexy, slimming and amazing, the black open back mesh is so cute with a little jacket, high waisted shorts or trousers and mix it up with a few fun accessories, this little body suit can be more than just a piece of clothing, but style it in ways for a great night out or even a beach day sipping on cocktails, you can see more colors, styles they have at @femmeluxefinery & #Luxegal.

Head over to their site, they have a great range of stuff, perfect for your holiday! Great sales as well.

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