Clif Bar Supports Creative Events

In May Creative Events hosted their 5th event! Involving Brands & Bloggers! It was a great little gathering with over 70 guests, workshops stands and panel speakers from all ares.

Clif bar supported us by supplying some of their tasty products to pop in our goodie bags.

Involving flavours such as

  • Peanut butter

  • Chocolate Chip

  • Almond

  • Coconut and more

With over one billion pounds of organic ingredients used so far, we’re here to champion the power of organic, sustainable food. Because what's good for the planet and our farmers, is good for all of us.

Let us tell you a bit about what and how Clif Bars came about...

Clif Bar and Company is an American organization that produces natural sustenances and beverages. The organization's lead item, CLIF Bar, was made by Gary Erickson and Lisa Thomas. The organization is situated in Emeryville, California, and is secretly held. In April 2013, Kevin Cleary was named CEO of the organization; CFO Boragno; co-proprietors Erickson and Kit Crawford progressed toward becoming co-boss visionary officers

Notwithstanding its mark unique Clif Bar, the organization creates an assortment of vitality bars custom-made to ladies, youngsters, and different markets, a games drink, and natural product based things, for example, organic product ropes. In 2014, the organization divulged four gel-like squeezable 'vitality nourishments' that were extended in mid 2016 to incorporate six flavors. All items utilize natural fixings. 70% of the organization's obtained fixings are affirmed natural.

Always working on new ranges from the lastest being granola, check some of their new products on the market!

They are so good and morish! Its so filling and you can feel that kick of energy for sure, highly recommend for sure!

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