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I love my oriental / Asian cuisine. With my travel lifestyle behind me its something I can't get away from, wondering around St Julians, they have a food court, Which has everything from sushi, pasta, Indian and Its an upper class feel at reasonable prices. A hidden treasure. We ventured to GENKI and ooooh how good it was.

Moving good dieting with the special kinds of the Orient, GENKI Asian Café offers a tempting and imaginative culinary experience. With an immense decision of crisply arranged Asian, Thai and Japanese-motivated dishes on the menu, at GENKI you can appreciate perfect and good dieting with a bend. Enjoy your faculties with the mouthwateringly Thai tom yum soup, or maybe attempt one of GENKI's superlatively sound burgers that served in a rice bun. Have you known about a drive-thru eatery that is enthusiastic about making nutritious, delicious and extraordinary dishes, made from privately sourced elements of the noteworthiest quality? At GENKI Asian bistro, this is inexpensive food as you have never experienced it.

I had Gyoza Dumplings - Vegetable (v)5 dumplings served wok stuck with a brush of Teriyaki sauce and garnished with spring onions., As well as Gyoza Dumplings - Chicken dumplings served wok stuck with a brush of Teriyaki sauce and garnished with spring onions. Finishing off with Chicken Stir Fry Egg Noodles. The texture, the portion and the display were amazing, with our bill rounding up to about 35 euros! Including a Thai Green Curry, Cisk pint and another lemon. BARGAIN!

The way the Egg noodles structure the base for conventional healthy dishes, with the chicken. Cooked in to bubbling water until they're delicate and channel before serving. With some amazing sauce, veg and dried egg noodles all mixed into one.

Highly recommend this place, and will for sure being going back, an amazing price for money.

Enjoy Your Meal!


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