It’s Happy Hour... at the office

Win a Brockmans Gin pop-up G&T bar for your office

Staying late at work isn’t usually a cause for happiness. But hold on: one of the UK’s fastest growing super-premium gin brands is encouraging you to linger longer at the office, for a Happy Hour.

Brockmans Gin is launching a social media competition giving away a Brockmans Gin pop-up bar experience. Every month, one lucky UK office will win the pop-up G&T bar each month forup to 30 employees. The bar will be run by one of the Brockmans Gin Brand Ambassadors, experts on gin and brilliant mixologists. For more details, visit

So if sipping on G&Ts sounds better than writing e-mails and attending meetings, tell the Brockmans team why you and your colleagues deserve to win a one-hour bar session. To be in the chance to win, you may submit a video, image or text using the hashtag #BrockmansHappyHour

The office name and location must be included with the entry. Entries can be submitted three ways:

Tweet @BrockmansGin

Post to Instagram tagging @BrockmansGin

Post on the @BrockmansGin Facebook page

Entries will be displayed on The Brockmans team will choose a winner* based on creativity, originality and enthusiasm.

Entries will open and close on the dates specified on the website each month.

Brockmans Gin will contact the winner one week in advance of the scheduled pop-up bar to coordinate the Brand Ambassadors coming to their office.

The pop-up cocktail bar will be available for one hour on business weekdays between 1pm-7pm for a maximum of 30 people.

The pop-up bar dates are as follows:

March 28th 2019

April 18th 2019

May 2019 (date tbc)

June 13th 2019

July 25th 2019

August 2019 (date tbc)

September 19th 2019

October 24th 2019

November 2019 (date tbc)

Brockmans is a gin with a difference. Brimming with botanicals and berry flavours, the over-riding taste profile is derived from ingredients drawn from across the globe. It’s best enjoyed in its perfect serve: mixed with premium tonic and garnished with a twist of pink grapefruit and fresh blueberries.

Bob Fowkes, one of the creators of Brockmans said: “The idea for a pop-up G&T bar arose from the viral stunt video in 2017 where Brockmans created a pop-up bar in the lift of an office building. Called The Lift, the Brockmans enGINeers swapped on lift button for a Press for Gin button. For those who were intrigued enough to press, magic happened. We had so many people asking for a pop-up gin bar in their places of work that we thought we’d oblige”.

*We know that some offices don’t allow drinking on the premises so before entering, ensure that your company bosses agree to the idea.





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