7 Reasons Why Weekend Getaways Are A Platform For More

For many travelers, the idea of a vacation is to take time off and away for a new adventure. As a result, the average vacation duration in the U.S. is around 10 to 14 days. For flexible workers, pensioners and digital nomads, this might be the ideal duration. However, for anybody else, it can be tricky to plan a two-week break. You’ve got other obligations – such as work and family — and consequently, you don’t have time to organize the typical holiday.

But by no means should your lifestyle affect your ability to travel. On the contrary, short-term breaks are unfairly ignored. A weekend getaway offers the significant advantage that you can have the best of the holiday without needing to worry about arranging for time off-work or finding a carer for your pets or relatives. A weekend getaway is the modern way to take a vacation in a fast-paced environment. A word of warning however before we continue: While short weekend breaks are a fantastic way of enjoying travel without any of the long-term inconveniences, they don’t replace the benefits you get from long vacations. Make sure to plan some time away for a proper travel adventure too!

Back to our topic, weekend getaways are a trend you want to embrace for a variety of reasons this winter:

A sunny break keeps the SAD away

#1. You can visit local places you wouldn’t otherwise

When you’re planning to go away for a couple of weeks, you tend to focus on long-distance destinations. It’s fair to say that American travelers don’t have the possibility to quickly fly to a new country for the weekend – contrary to our European friends. But it’s not a bad thing! Most people don’t even know their local culture and attractions. There’s a sense that things that are next door are not worth a visit because they don’t count as real travel. With a weekend break, you can plan a couple of days discovering the local sightings you wouldn’t otherwise notice. Avoid big cities, such as LA or Las Vegas, as these tend to attract busy crowds of tourists. Instead, why not have a look at places that are less popular for international tourists? Visit Carlsbad is a fantastic place to start for California-based travelers. Besides, the flower fields will be blooming soon; it’s the perfect excuse to dive in a world of fresh colors.

#2. You can use the time to improve your traveling skills

Nowadays, you can’t travel without taking pictures. Whether you share your experience on social media or make photo albums, it’s up to you. Ultimately, for many, traveling has become a synonym for taking photos. However, good pictures require skills and practice. Even though, you’ll find plenty of simple tips to capture breathtaking sceneries; there’s no denying that you might struggle if you never use your high-tech cameras outside of your holidays. You can think of your weekend getaways as a practice board for memorable shots. You can use the time to get to understand how to make the most of the light around you or how to set the right focus on a landscape picture.

Improve your camera skills

#3. A change of scenery is all you need to recharge your batteries

Everyone needs a break from everyday stress. However, while many can leave stress at the office, others can’t escape from it when they’re at home. Whether you work from home or you’re a stay-at-home parent, your house can become your primary source of stress. How do you best de-stress? It’s simple; you plan two nights away to look after yourself. Your weekend getaway offers precisely the little bubble of me time you need to relax. It doesn’t have to be anything extraordinary. You could book yourself in a spa hotel for the weekend, a short distance from home. Or why not plan a shopping trip to the next big city?

#4. You can explore new hobbies

Weekend trips are perfect to discover new activities, as they give you the opportunity to invest a handful of hours into trying and exploring something new, but the commitment is over at the end of the weekend. Therefore, if you figure out that it’s not something for you, you can forget about it on Sunday evening. If you enjoy it, you can find out how to pursue your new passion in your hometown. What are the best hobbies to try during a quick break:

  • Dance retreats are an ideal experience for fitness addicts

  • Epicureans and urban lovers would appreciate the diversity of local food tours

  • New homeowners can try their hand at popular DIY workshops, from furniture painting to curtain sewing

  • Etc.

#5. A fantastic way to stay in touch with friends

When life gets in the way, keeping in touch with your close friends can become a hectic challenge. Outside of Facebook, many adults struggle to maintain close relationships, especially while maintaining a full-time career and family life. But you can use the excuse of a weekend getaway to reconnect with long lost friends. Book a date and location that suits everyone and get ready for new memories. Renting a large house as a group is a cost-effective strategy that also makes sure that everyone can be together.

#6. Disrupt the routine to find inspiration

If you work in a creative sector, you know how precious your inspiration can be. However, our lifestyles often disrupt our imaginative power. Indeed, more often than not the monotony of your daily routine kicks in, forcing your mind to stick to known situations. Your mind is lost in a continuous loop where everything blends together. The usual coffee-commute-office routine can affect your creativity. You can’t escape from your work, but you can break the routine with a spontaneous weekend getaway.

#7. Travel to a sunny place

From rain to icy roads, it can be difficult to find your happiness when everything feels gray and cold around you. You can book a flight to a sunnier state for the weekend. Direct sunlight exposure is crucial during the darkest months of the year. You need plenty of vitamin D to avoid the destructive effects of SAD.

A weekend getaway is good for you. Not only is it a catalyst of good mood, but it also encourages you to improve your skills and knowledge of yourself, your region and your interests.

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