Who's A Big Dog, Then?

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, all temperaments and appetites. Each dog has their own needs and those who look after dogs are constantly on the go. Like a baby, but without the ability to look after itself at any age, a dog needs a lot of love, attention and time. Tiny dogs have a reputation as ankle biters who will attack you just for looking at them in the wrong way. Big dogs? Tend to have a slower burn and are often referred to as gentle giants. That is, they’re gentle with the right handling and training. Looking after a larger dog is not always easy, and it’s not always cheap, so you have to really do your research before you go for it. You have to assess the size of the space that you are living in, think about your budget and whether you can afford all their food, and you have to budget for obedience training.

Once you realise that your big dog is something of a difficulty to handle, you can get on board with caring for your pup in the right way. Below, you’ll find some of the best tips for handling a larger dog, so that your relationship with your pooch can be the best it’s ever been.

  1. Heeling. It’s so important that your dog learns to walk on a leash. You can get an indestructible dog collar for your bigger dog, as they have a big limit for weight before any real pressure is put upon them. Dogs have that instinct to pull and chase, which is nice, but not good when their instinct tells them to go after the cat from next door. Reward your dog whenever they are heeling or walking properly. Reward them for sitting when told, too, and if you keep a treat in one hand while you are walking with them, they will learn much faster!

  2. Jumping. It’s always cute to see a puppy try to jump up, but when your fully grown Rottweiler wants to jump up for a hug when you walk in the door, it’s far more frightening. Don’t get angry about their jump (they’re excited to see you, after all!), but do reinforce their behaviour and teach them to sit when people come to the door.

  3. Sit! Get your dog in the habit of sitting for every feeding and wait for your command. These can be so simple to do with rewards and lavishing the love for their obedience. Staying when you ask them to takes some time, and if you can maintain patience with your pooch, you will be able to train them the right way for being in public - and being polite!

Your dog deserves your time to train them properly, so take a moment and figure out how to make sure that you raise a good dog and not one who is likely to attack. These are animals, and dogs only behave as well as their owners.

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