13 Ways To Travel Different

Now, don’t get us wrong: travelling in any form is enjoyable, but would anyone disagree if we said there’s a habit of always doing the same thing, such as lying on a beach or exploring a European city? These are fun, no doubt about it, but there’s also a million and one other ways to explore the world. If you’ve had your fair share of same old, same old holidays, then take a read of some of our tips below, which outline more than a dozen ways to travel. You might not fancy all of them, but a few will grab your interest!

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Throw a Dart

You’ve likely got a long list of destinations you’d like to visit, but the problem with building up these places in your head is that you travel there with expectations. You see the destination through the lens you’ve already created. Take, say, Berlin. You might know it as the mecca of hipsterville, filled with cool bars, art, and so on, and if you travelled there, that’s what you’d see. There’d be confirmation bias. Instead, why not pick a destination that you know nothing about? We’ve hinted at ‘throwing a dart at the map’ in the heading, but you could just see where’d cheap to travel to, and just turn up, even if you know nothing about it. You’ll be able to trust your impressions.

Set Yourself Rules

It’s wonderfully easy to travel these days, but you don’t always need to emphasize convenience and easy. Back in the old days, everything was much more complicated, and isn’t there something appealing about that? So if you’re looking for adventure and a challenge, consider setting yourself some rules. For example, you could say that you’re going to travel from your home to your destination without flying, or that you’re going to mix up the usual accommodation you opt for - if you normally stay in hotels, choose a hostel, or vice versa. It’ll make you rethink what you thought you knew about travelling.

Explore Your Own Backyard

There’s an idea that travelling meanings heading to the airport and jetting off to a country that speaks a language different to your own, but this is not the case. In the olden days, it’d take people days just to reach areas that we can get to in a couple of hours by train. Were they travelling? Of course they were. So journeying is whatever you make of it. You’ve likely got many points of interest within an easy driving distance of your home that you’ve never seen before. The next time you’ve got the travel itch, look across the country - you won’t have to look for too long before you find somewhere worth visiting.

Under the Night Sky

Camping is one of life’s most underrated activities. It’s cheap, challenging, great fun - provided you’re with the right company - and helps you to reconnect with nature. While it can get slightly more tricky during autumn and winter, during spring and summer, it can provide one of the weekends of the year. If you spend all your time in urban areas, then a trip out to the countryside, and spending a night under the stars, will give you a boost like nothing else can. You don’t always need five-star hotels and convenience at every turn to have a good time.

A Roof Over Your Head

We understand, however, that not everyone fancies spending a night in a tent, sleeping on the floor. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t spend your holiday time in the great outdoors, oh no! There are many options that’ll give you a kind of half-camping, half-comfort experience, such as a travel trailer. Invest in the Rockwood Mini 2109s, and you’ll have a comfortable living space that you can tow behind your vehicle. Then it’s simply a matter of picking your destination, driving there, and then moving to the inside of the trailer for some easy, fun living. The added bonus of this type of travel is that it’s not weather dependent. Camping can be pretty grim when it’s raining. When you have a trailer, you can stay warm inside, play games, and just watch the rain fall.

Volunteering Options

We have the idea that a holiday should be all about making ourselves happy, or just being as comfortable as possible. There’s another option, though! You can give back, learn something, and have fun, all by volunteering. Take a look at websites like Helpx and Workaway, and browse the options. This is also an affordable way to travel. In exchange for four-five hours of work, you’ll be given free accommodation and food, though some hosts in poorer countries to ask for a small daily donation. You could be living the sweet outdoor life in the South of France, without spending a penny. Nice!

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House Swapping

If you’re a homeowner, then why not look at immersing yourself in another culture by exchanging houses with another property owner? Here’s how it works. They get your keys for a set period, and move into your house. You get their keys, and move into their home. It allows you to A. get more space and B. experience a destination like a local. If you live in a destination where people want to visit, then you’ll have no problem finding someone to temporarily exchange with. For more information, check out the film “The Holiday.’

Slow Travel

Have you noticed how everything’s rushed these days? Some people go on holiday and cram in so much, that they need to recover when they get back home. That doesn’t seem like a sensible thing, does it? So let’s slow things down a bit. Instead of doing a whistle-stop tour of, say, Spain, why not spend your entire two-week holiday getting to know just one of its cities, such as Seville? You’ll be able to glean a much deeper understanding of how the city works if you slow down and immerse yourself in local life for a longer period.

With a Theme

It’s easy to travel to a place and work your way through the most important attractions. But if you have no interest in art or history, why would you spend your precious free time walking around art and history museums, just because a guidebook tells you that they’re magnificent? Instead, do the things you love. This can actually form the basis of your trip. If you’re a food lover, then a food tour of Italy makes sense. If you’re a literature fan, then following in the footsteps of Hemingway through Paris and Spain might be for you (be warned: this will include drinking in a lot of bars).

Digital Detox

We spend so much of our time connected to the digital world, and it rarely lets up when we’re travelling. When everything is so Instagram worthy, you want to take pictures all the time! But to really break from your everyday life, consider a digital detox. It can be a little frightening to go without the internet for a week - especially when you need to find how to get somewhere - but it’s nearly always worth it. You’ll find that you push yourself to do more things, and discover more things by accident, just because you didn’t have all the answers right in front of you.

Friends and Family

We normally go travelling with the same old faces. Nothing wrong with that! But it’s worthwhile mixing things up every now and again. For example, if you’re over the age of eighteen, then its probably been some time since you went on a holiday with your family. Why not pick a destination that everyone will love, and spend some quality time together? It can be difficult to organise sometimes, but it’ll be worth it.

Go Solo

On the other side of the coin, when was the last time you travelled by yourself? People have a phobia of doing anything without someone by their side, but there’s plenty of benefits to branching out and flying solo. You’ll be out of your comfort zone, for starters - indeed, for the first couple of days, you may wonder why you’ve made this decision. But good things will come from it. You’ll be able to do all the things you like, and will find that you strike up many more conversations with strangers when you don’t have the crutch of a friend to fall back on.

For a Cultural Event

There’s plenty of fascinating things going on all over the world, why not build your travel adventures around one of them? For example, you could hit up Rio’s carnival, or Chinese New Year, or Mardis Gras in New Orleans. You’ll see one of life’s great sights, and will have your itinerary sorted without even trying.

Travelling is an adventure! Try one of the different methods of seeing the world above, and you’ll be on your way to seeing the world through a different lens, one that’s just as fun - if not more so - than traditional travel.

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