Traveling the US: Organising the Trip of a Lifetime

When you ask people where they’d most like to travel, you can almost guarantee that at least one US city or state will appear in their list. This goes for individuals from all around the world and people who who are citizens of the United States themselves. Why?

Well, North America is huge. In fact, it spans around 9.8 million square miles and the difference between different states can be outstanding. What you experience in one area is likely to differ drastically from what you will be exposed to in another. In short, there’s something to meet almost anyone’s preferences and tastes somewhere. So, if you’re planning on heading to this beautiful country, you’re going to have to start putting together a plan. Here are just a few popular tourist destinations with the US’ borders, including information about what you can get up to there!

New York

Let’s start with the most visited city in the US - New York. New York receives around 59.7 million visitors on an annual basis, and for good reason. It truly is the city that never sleeps, and offers all sorts of sights, entertainment, and distraction. Some of the most popular things to do there include scaling the Empire State building, taking a stroll around Central Park, viewing the Statue of Liberty, and perhaps viewing a play in one of the many theatres lining Broadway. If you are interested in art, there are also a host of museums, including the Museum of Modern Art (which is home to Vincent van Gogh’s world famous Starry Night), the Met Breuer, and the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art.

San Francisco

San Francisco is located on the opposite coast to New York, calling the most populous state of California home. Now, if you’re planning to visit this city, you’re in luck. It enjoys a Mediterranean climate year round, with warm and dry summers, and a temperature average a lovely 21 degrees Celsius. This city’s most famous site does tend to be the Golden Gate Bridge - a stunning red suspension bridge crossing into the city. However, there are plenty of brilliant cafes and restaurants to relax in and other days out, including a trip to Alcatraz Island, home to what was the world’s most inescapable prison.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas goes by many names, but perhaps the most popular tends to be Sin City. This destination draws in around 42.9 million people every single year, and each tends to have a different intention. While many will cross this city’s borders in order to get married, others will be intent on gambling in the casinos, and some will want to make the most of a variety of different events, buying tickets well in advance through penn and teller ticket company. Start your trip off with a stroll down The Strip. This is home to some of the city’s biggest casinos, restaurants, resorts, and other attractions, and should get you started off in the right direction!

Los Angeles

LA is renowned worldwide as home to the stars. Its most famous neighbourhoods are Beverly Hills and Hollywood. So, make sure to fit in a visit to both of these areas for a taste of the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Remember to snap a picture with the world famous Hollywood sign while you’re at it! Most of your days in this city, however, should be spent on its stunning beaches. Pack some swimwear and add Venice Beach and Santa Monica to your checklist as soon as you get there.


If you’re into theme parks and amusement parks, Orlando may be the place for you! Located in central Florida, Orlando is home to Walt Disney World, which is filled with endless attractions, from parades to golf courses, water parks, and four different theme parks. If you have time, also check into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This attraction will plaster a smile across any Harry Potter fan’s face.


Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, Orlando is the second most visited city in the United States. It offers visitors a brilliant arts scene, truly unique architecture, and a wide variety of different shops to splash their cash in. While it may not have as many major sights as other major cities, it draws people in with its cool air and creative atmosphere. It’s not all too surprising that many people have decided to stay, boosting its rankings to the third most populated city in all of Northern America.

San Diego

Let’s head back to California to explore San Diego! Located around 120 miles south of Los Angeles, San Diego has a whole host of exciting activities on offer to get engaged with. If you’re into wildlife, you can engage in whale and seal watching activities, viewing some of nature’s most beautiful creatures in their natural habitat where they belong, rather than forced away into tanks. You can also have an alternative day out wine tasting.

These, of course, are only a few different cities that you might want to consider adding to your bucket list. The United States has a whole lot more to offer, and each city we have discusses has plenty more to discover than simply that which has been listed. So, start planning the trip of a lifetime and come up with a plan to incorporate all of the US cities you could possibly wish to visit!

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