Vlogging Workshop - Edinburgh - Almost SOLD!

We are so excited for the next Edinburgh Blogger Conference event, which will be hosted on the 7th of December at Whitespace!

Having been back in Edinburgh last week, I met with the team to discuss final details of the event, whats happening, who is confirmed and the final line up! Everything is good to go!

With special guests including

Wee Scottish Lass

Wee Scottish Lass (Aka Mosco Moon) is a locally known youtube vlogger boasting over 37,000 subscribers and over 2.7 million views on youtube. She will be running the vlogging workshops as a lead facilitator, making the sessions as interactive and as fun as possible. Bring your smiles and your personality and she'll help you become a rising star in no time.

Lights... Camera...

Damian Keyes

Damian graduated from music college at 19 and then joined the core team that grew the same college from 50 students to 800 before leaving at 23 to set up The Brighton Institute of Modern Music (BIMM). This is now one of the most successful independent music colleges in the world valued at an excess of £50M.

He also founded DK Music Management which is the UK’s largest commercial band management company. He's continued to invest in companies since, but in the past year Damian's main focus and passion has been setting up advice pages across social media, where he vlogs daily advice on how to best utilise social media and online marketing to build a following.

Through both his various socials and public speaking, Damian guides creatives and businesses alike on how to boost your presence online to the best it can be.

& Kilted Coaches!

Hailing from Scotland, YouTube duo The Kilted Coaches are both on a mission, to bring back HEALTH AND HAPPINESS to as many people as possible across the globe.

With over 45k subscribers and over 6 million views on YouTube they have hit the USA audience and are building on their continued success with a recent Superfoods appearance on Channel 4 and have also signed to influencer talent management company, The Nomis Agency.

The kilt wearing duo are looking forward to sharing their story, how brands can work with them and of course to give some motivational tips to the audience, be sure to get involved when they are on stage!

With great support and videography by Right Here Videos!

Tickets are still on sale the the end of the week so be sure to snatch yours up, we are doing a more personal and smaller event this time! So they are going fast!

Check out our lineup, supporters and fun things we have planned!

Look forward to seeing you there!

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