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For a while everyone has told me about the HBO show, the excitement, the gore the medieval charm. From film sets and casts all over the world, this drama has really hit a spot for fans globally.

Drum roll.... WINTER IS COMING!

Edinburgh fans The Punk Rock Princess has news for you, there is some exciting news! A Game of Thrones themed pop-up bar in Edinburgh. With touches, like posters, props from the series, and furs draped across countertops.

WHERE and WHEN you might wonder?!


Introducing the Blood & Wine Pop-Up Bar, Daylight Robbery, 26B Dublin Street, EH3 6NN Every Wednesday & Thursday in January, from 5pm.

This place has the whole buzz. From the food, the traditional medical drinks and wanted posters scattered around this underground cellar. Not to mention the meat you need for these seven kingdom wine selections “Frey Pies”.

"According to Linden Wilkinson of Geek Social, the organisers behind the Game of Thrones inspired bar, the menu is made up of drinks found in the Song of Ice and Fire novels. The music is medieval-sounding Celtic music which gets everyone feeling like a mysterious charter. Lets go back in time!"

With drinks like Icelandic vodka made by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, who plays Ser Gregor Clegane and many more "winter is coming!". This list is endless, with the exciting tastes and extras to make this GOT feel so back to the past.

This is something you have to check out! There is news through the grape vine that fellow casts themselves will be popping in to test out this amazing set (You could say) What would get you more in character?!

Will I be seeing you there!? WINTER IS COMING.....

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