Awesome Friendship Tattoo Ideas

Who has a tattoo? OR is thinking of having one? I was always one of these people that was too scared...(Would i regret it, is it going to be ok for my career?)

I ended up getting a little unique punk love heart under my arm and my sister has one as well. This was about a year ago now.

Now a year later in April for my 26th birthday myself and my bestie created our own friendship tattoo.

We love tea & our cats so we got inspiration from some of these lovely imagines.

This is our awesome outcome #LOVE

Pancakes in a teapot & Hope's cat Frodo in a teapot.

Here are some super cute and unique friend tattoos if thinking about getting a bestie tat. Either if you want to go big or small or for 5 of you or 2.

What would your friendship tattoo be? Comment below id love to see your body art!

Resoruses being Pinterest (Credited by links as seen on)

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