Weird Things People Eat With Ketchup...

I love Heinz Ketchup, on burgers, pasta, pizza you name it, I will find a way to incorporate it into my meals... but sometimes things go too far.... that not even I would do... Here are a few things people do and the limits they take when it comes to adding ketchup! Would you eat these?

  • Peanut butter and cheese sandwiches.... -(Wait for it) with a spread of ketchup!

  • Oysters! - Yes you heard right! Some people love this stuff so much they squeeze it on the fish.... and slurp...

  • Bananas -"Let me just dip my healthy banana into some ketchup..?" This I don't get..

  • Sushi - Ok ok this makes sense.... I mean rice.... fish and chips minus the chips but it does work.... soya sauce is the best route though...

  • Avocado smoothie - No comment

  • crisps and ketchup sandwiches... - This is called a crunchy load

  • pancakes with ketchup - Just a no no no...

  • cottage cheese - Yes nice again

  • Straight from the bottle - ok you lost me...

  • Popcorn - Interesting combo

  • Ice cream....- This should be made illegal!

  • Strawberry and ketchup sandwich - So should THIS!

What are your thoughts on these crazy ketchup creations?! What is the most strangest thing YOU have eaten with ketchup?!

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