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Give it up for Scotland’s top photogenic photo booth hire events company “Blushbooth”.

I started working for this talented and clicking team at the end of June. It's been a whirlwind of work which I am loving. Everyday something different and the business is booming with bookings here is what you are missing out on!

Blushbooth is the 21st century way to capture those special moments without the hassle of a photographer. Blushbooth's portable photo booths allow you to design instant photography around your event. Whether it’s a wedding, party, corporate event or brand experience, our photo booths are a must-have. (Blushbooth)

Launched in early 2013, Blushbooth has quickly become Scotland’s leading photo booth company with over 500+ events covered every year. Starting off as a photo booth only company.

Blushbooth Photo Booth is Scotland and London’s number one professional photo booth hire company. Choose from renting an open aired or curtain style photo booth to suit any event. We offer a wide range of photo and video experience products from GIF Booths, Photo Booths, Video Booths, Green Screen Booths, Slow Mo Booths, #Social Printers, Event Photographers and even a 1970 VW Campervan Booth! (Blushbooth)

If you are having a corporate, black tie or awards event then the Blushbooth is a must have! With our professional and award winning service our photo booths and full range of fun photo and video experience products will keep you and your guests entertained for hours. (Blushbooth)

The Blushbooth are fully social media integrated allowing you to maximise on marketing and brand awareness for your event. (Talk about 21st century right!!!)

All packages come with fully custom branded printouts giving your brand, product or company full exposure at your event. Our design team can also create custom branded backdrops and fully custom booths for an extra charge. (Blushbooth)

GIF Booth // Camper Booth // Video Booth // Slow Mo Booth // GIFPic Social // #Social Printer // Event Photographers

Having worked with huge global known brands, Blushbooth is growing and hitting up London events. Here are a few events we have worked with just to name a few.

Get involved and get Blushbooth at your event.

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