26 Reason You Found Your Best Friend

We all have your soul sisters and BFFS no matter what age you are you just do, that one person you are not in a relationship with, or a family member. But that other half of you that is always there and doesn't judge you but the one person that will be there for you no matter what happens. Here are a few things to know its a true best friend.

They HAVE to tell you about their day! No matter what it's like, if you spent the day on the sofa or built a house out of cheese, yet you still listen and find a new fun conversation from it.

When you’re being really, really honest… If anyone can be straight up with them, it’s you.

You have conversations that are impossible for other people to understand…too many stories, and too many inside jokes.

It’s normal to look at each other and know what the other is thinking. (DING!)

You totally get jealous of each others circle of friends but know you guys are secretly wont go anywhere! (This is ma B****).

The number of times in a month you're broke and how frustratingly bad you are at budgeting. You have each others back, there is no penny tracking.

You two have your own theme song. When it comes on you know the drill.

You borrow each others things without even asking.

Your parents are used to you being part of the family. (Table set and beds ready) Sleepover!

You’re her biggest fan and will cheer her on louder than anyone else in the room. (even if you have your not such best moments) Whoooooooop!

You insult each other which really means you love each other. “You stupid ass!” i.e “I love you really”.

You both seem to dislike the same people (Even if one of you doesn’t actually have an issue you just stand strong supporting.)

That your past mistakes and dark secrets are no one else's business.

When you don’t feel like doing anything and just want to chill. No awkward silences.

When you are upset and need to cry without explanation of what’s going on.

When you do really weird things. She embraces your weirdness! (It just makes sense)

When you’re totally over guys at the moment. Girl Power!

They can name that certain song that always makes you cry, laugh or cringe.

That when you’re fighting with each other, you’re still best friends. You can say you hate her or say you’re not friends anymore, but she knows that’s not true.

They get that you're not a morning person...

You know are their downfalls, but you support them and understand their routines and swings and just go with it.

After all you have been through a lot together and things never change.

You can be apart for months and make loads of friends but know that nothings every gonna take this one away!

But most importantly, best friends know when all you need is a hug, chat and a comfort to lean on.

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