Is it time for your royal appointment?

Scotland is home to some of the world's most wicked women, and joining the cast at The Edinburgh Dungeon, is one of the nation’s most notoriously feisty females – Mary Queen of Scots.

Branded wicked by many of her contemporaries and ultimately given the chop by her cousin - Queen Elizabeth I - Mary has divided opinions for centuries. Now, The Edinburgh Dungeon’s new summer show – Wicked Women – is set to settle the debate for good…

Inside the Dungeon rumours are rife of the Queen's proposed plots to assassinate her husband, Lord Darnley, and as visitors get closer and closer to the truth they will be able to decide if she truly is a wicked woman, or if she has been wronged by the history books.

Reigning alongside Mary Queen of Scots will be the Dungeon's other wicked women, including the vengeful Green Lady ghost and the ferocious females of Sawney Bean’s cannibal clan – Scotland’s most notorious man-eaters!

Edward Evans, General Manager at The Edinburgh Dungeon, commented: “Mary Queen of Scots is one of Scotland's most famous figures, and the scandalous stories surrounding her life – much of which she lived here in Edinburgh – continue to fascinate and divide opinion. Now, for the first time, visitors to the Edinburgh Dungeon can help settle the debate – if they are able to escape the clutches of our other terrifying temptresses as they make their way through the depths of our dungeon."

The Wicked Women show starts from 1st July and runs until 28th August 2016.

Ticket prices start from £11.75 for adults, and £9.95 for concessions (online saver rate). For more information or to book tickets please visit or follow @EdinDungeon for updates.

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