Edinburgh Food Safari

Introducing a tasty experince in Edinburgh "Edinburgh Food Safari", a must try and must not miss. Edinburgh food lovers, locals and tourists! This is a stop for you! Created by Nell, a international foodie with a wide global range of experience in perfect taste, takes you on an adventure for your taste buds! Light on walking heavy on eating.

Taking you to local neighbourhoods so you can experience a new area and new food and drink experiences over the course of an afternoon in a small group of food lovers.

"A fine dining experience of some of the best of Scotland’s local produce – there are at least six stops from artisan sourdough bread Fantastic tutored tasting of unpasteurised cheeses at artisan cheesemonger I.J. Mellis – the cheeses change every week depending which cheeses are at their best."Edinburgh Food Safrari.

Running through out the year, a small and personal tour which enables your to grasp all those unique flavours, banter and knowledge of the hidden and cosy places of edinburgh serving the top and most fresh garnish and treats you wouldnt ever have thought about. Parts of pig you may never have tried – but they are delicious - served with local ale at Michelin starred chef Tom Kitchin's Scran and Scallie.

Each Safari lasts about three hours with at least six strategically arranged food and drink tastings along the way.

The afternoon tour runs 2PM to 5PM Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday on Broughton Street involving unconventional and eclectic side. 6 food stops Edinburgh; Scottish charcuterie- from iconic haggis to game sausage rolls, amazing marshmallows with flavours you could never imagine being harnessed to sugar, gin tasting, scones jam and cream and more.

With another added tour Mondays and Wednesdays in Stockbridge. Still remains a village feel with an excellent family butcher, fishmonger, independent shops, bars and restaurants and also has earned a name for itself as the place to come for quality second hand shops.

Hi Nell, so great to have you involed with this, Love this tour you have built up! Where did your inspiration for this safari come from? "Inspiration from other food tours round the world, living abroad."

How long has EFS been running?"Just over a year.

How many of you run the event? "We have 1-3 great foodies/expereinced hosts taking the tours."

Have you anything exciting coming up this year? "We have a new tour added hopefully next month!"

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Check out the next events and The Edinburgh Food Safari site here for more info! Something that is a must! Any info needed feel free to contact or tweet the team!

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