Jody on Permanent Hiatus for Fountains of Wayne

It’s been a while since I last caught up with musician and Fountains of Wayne’s guitarist Jody Porter. The “Stacy’s Mom” band member is now creating solo songs and touring his PACIFIER (a 13 song IP) which will be released in the spring! (You heard it here first guys!)

Creating unforgettable tunes which are played consistently throughout the world.

With his latest tracks he has also brought in a little of FoW Brian who plays drums on some tracks too! The talent continues to grow!

Do it Again - Jody Porter

I caught up with Jody to see what he has been up to since we last spoke including some amazing questions which his universal followers want to know about this true talent. Jody knows the ups and downs of the music industry, what life is really like living in NY and the magic on the bus, as well as the juice of his new solo album! #EXCITING!

Hi Jody, things have been rather busy for you this past year with being in LA and working on a solo album, tell us a bit more about your adventure!

“Spent most of it in LA. Solo album "Month of Mondays" came out earlier in the year. Did some live residencies in LA and NY. Currently between NY and DC working on more tracks. Will have some new music out early in the New Year.

That is so exciting, I guess the studio is basically your new home! You originally live in NY, if you could move anywhere else in the world where would it be and why?

"Utrecht! (The Netherlands) No offense Britain.. but I put in 4 years there in the 90s I don't miss pickled monkfish for tea."

Haha doesn’t help how it’s so cold, I do have to say Utrecht is an unusual choice. Being from Holland it’s a lovely little area and rather down to earth! Nice choice!

"Another life there, take me back!”

Tell us more about how many instruments have you gone through in your life?

“Played everything except sax and strings on last LP. I've smashed up a few guitars and still have too many, so I haven't gone through the lot."

One thing we have wanted to ask is how awesome your hair is! Who does your hair?!

“I use a friend called Angie who gets pissed off if anyone else touches it. I hacked at it the other day. Don't tell her.”

Haha you would think it would be the other way around! If you had to play one song over and over again what would it be?

“I think I've been doing that for a decade but not over the moon about it. I'd play Strawberry Fields on the hi-fi on infinite repeat without getting bored of it.”

What about your Pet Peeves?

"Talking during sex..."

I love that question, never know what answer you will get! What is your most inspirational quote?

"I know nothing and I want to know less"

The famous back to school question! How were you a school?!

“Shit student. Drew a lot during class. Had a loud amp at home waiting after 2pm. That was home schooling which I quite enjoyed.”

Well it’s got you to where you are today! Who says you need hard core education huh!? One thing you don’t leave the house with?


Through your travels and fame with Fountains of Wayne what’s one thing you have learnt?

“Don't leave your passport at the hotel.”

Anymore surprise albums coming up?!

“I now have a 13 song LP which is called PACIFIER which I'm mastering as we speak."

I do love “Alien For Christmas” super catchy! What was the inspiration to that song?!

“Someone probably wanted to do an Xmas single in the vein of our influences like the Kinks "Father Christmas".

What was it that made you chose the guitar? Any story behind the musical motivation?!

“I Started on drums but worked out at age 6 that you can't write songs on them. Changed to guitar a long time ago which has notes on it, probably for that reason alone. “

There you have it from Jody himself! Check out his latest Solo album!

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