From Classy Meals to Disney Drink Deals...

A "Hangover Movie" Moment the end of the classy high tea day….. SO THIS IS what happened…


My friend Laura came over from Carlisle for a High Tea experience in Edinburgh. The food, the displays, the drinks and goodies followed by amazing staff who treated us like royalty. Fantastic afternoon. Getting food pampered, catching up like with cheers to coffee and tea. The Signet Library in Edinburgh is fantastic, the sun came through the books surrounding, the atmosphere and silence of sophistication. Followed by the tongue dripping varieties of treats served. LOVED IT.

This is how our night went.

The Salsa Bar on Grassmarket

The Last Drop - Grassmarket

So this happened.... When finishing our lovely afternoon high tea, we wondered home passing a convenient store….we later ended up buying a few big bottles of Lambrini and ended up partying in The HIVE Club, (Edinburgh) Dressed as Disney Characters.

Jaeger-bombs, dancing, pom poms and screaming to songs which we didn’t know….. From classy to cant see….. this is what the city is about, letting your hair down to mixing up the lifestyle of high society to underground venues, music and random beats that make you want to be off your feet….(Take those heels off and go to bed….)

(My Little Pony) - (Little Mermaid) - (Frosty Tiger)

And PARTYING.... Classy....

..... BED.....

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